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Power Poll: The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (20-11)


It’s been about a month since we’ve last had a good power poll. Since that’s quite a layoff, we figured we needed to write one that people would really enjoy. And we think we found it with our “20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media” rankings.

Here is how the poll worked. The three of us ranked our own top 10 hottest girls. We then got some Top 10 lists from some friends. After that, we then put all the rankings in a spreadsheet and had Clark Matthews run some exotic formulas to determine the Top 20. Pretty fun, huh?

On that note, we would like to thank the people who helped us compile this list. They were:

“¢ a local politicians son
“¢ Patrick’s perverted roommate who knows Running Girl
“¢ a girl who works at MidFirst Bank
“¢ a PR professional from a big university
“¢ a PR professional from a local business in downtown
“¢ a local religious weatherman (this may be a joke)

And a little FYI: three of our helpers were female. Yes. The Lost Ogle’s have chicks telling us who they think are the hot chicks in the news media. Yes. We are slowly on our way to becoming the Hinder of the Oklahoma City web scene.

Anyway, if you got this far, go ahead and do yourself a favor and check out the first half of Top 20 Hottest Women in the OKC News Media after the jump. You deserve it.

20. Amanda Taylor

Where she works: KWTV Channel 9

What she does: 5pm Weekday Anchor, Consumer Watch Reporter

Why she should be higher: Does something similar to what Brad Edwards did, and let’s face it: Brad Edwards kicked ass!

Why she should be lower: Always the possibility that she might investigate us. We haven’t plagiarized anything for this site. Really. We swear. No, our fingers are not crossed. Get that f*cking camera out of our faces!

19. Kimberly Lohman

Where she works: KOCO Channel 5

What she does: Saturday Morning Anchor, Reporter

Why she should be higher: Not just a pretty face, like that Kelly Ogle. She’s written a book. We also like to write! It’s fate! Plus, she has a MILF factor going on.

Why she should be lower: Damn. Turns out she’s a MILF married to Tyler Suitors. Off the market.

18. Bobbie Miller

Where she works: KFOR, Channel 4

What she does: Reporter

Why she should be higher: If you like really skinny, well spoken girls, Bobbie is a catch.

Why she should be lower: She’s married to a policeman, and as this video shows, she’s probably a psycho stalker.

17. Constance Jones

Where she works: KOCO, Channel 5

What she does: Reporter

Why she should be higher: Constance is hot. Plus she has a “flair” for politics. Hot chicks with political flairs are rare.

Why she should be lower: She’s only a reporter. Plus she has a “flair” for politics. Hot chicks with political flairs can be annoying.

16. Ali Meyer

Where she works: KFOR, Channel 4

What she does: Morning Show Anchor, Reporter

Why she should be higher: Watch Ali dance at the end of this YouTube Video. This is why.

Why she should be lower: Ali graduated Cum Laude from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. According to Clark Matthews, girls who graduate Cum Laude are prudes. We don’t like prude hot chicks.

15. Courtney Coates

Where she works: KOKH, Channel 25

What she does: Producer/Reporter

Why she should be higher: Courtney seems obsessed with her Delta Gamma sorority. That’s kind of cool. We like sorority girls. In fact, we are now looking for 10 young nubile sorority girls to be our spring semester interns. To apply, email thelostogle at gmail.com.

Why she should be lower: Judging from her picture above, Courtney really seems to like gifts. That can get expensive.

14. Tierney Cook

Where she works: KOCO, Channel 5

What she does: Morning Anchor

Why she should be higher: According to Tony, Tierney looks hot every morning on the KOCO morning show. That’s saying something, because most women do not look hot every morning.

Why she should be lower: According to Patrick, who in the world watches the KOCO morning show when there is the KOKH Fox 25 Morning show.

13. Audra Taylor

Where she works: WWLS the Sports Animal

What she does: Morning Radio Host

Why she should be higher: If she can put up with Lump, Steely, and Curtis all day, she will love being with us!

Why she should be lower: According to her MySpace Page, she likes to shoot guns and watch Grey’s Anatomy. Scary.

12. Kealey McIntire

Where she works: KSBI, Channel 52

What she does: Evening Anchor

Why she should be higher: She has a Cindy Crawford mole and according to her bio she doesn’t like corn from her home state of Iowa. That’s an odd trivial fact that makes her oddly more attractive.

Why she should be lower: She works for KSBI, which almost disqualifies her as being a member of the local media.

11. Kate Godwin

Where she works: KOCO, Channel 5

What she does: Weekend Anchor, Reporter

Why she should be higher: Kate has a real innocent and sweet look to her, which we kind of like. But her KOCO bio says she likes to “explore new places, fish and bike” with her husband. According to Clark Matthews, that means she likes to engage in wild outdoor picnic sex. According to Tony, when you combine that wild side with the sweet and innocent look, it makes Kate even hotter.

Why she should be lower: Poison Ivy and Fire Ants.

So there you have it, 11-20. Check us out next Monday to see 1-10. I wonder who the rest will be.

p.s.- try your best to be relatively nice (yet still funny) in the comments section. Gulp. Please…


  1. I’ve met Tierney, and she’s even better looking in person.

    When I see Robin Marsh’s earrings, I just assume that’s the size of the hole she wants you to cut in the box.

  2. Amanda, Ali and Audra need to be higher! 4 A’s in a row weird. In that order. Audra and Ali are hot as lava! Make them all my baby’s mommas.

  3. #12, please!

    That’s a man, baby!

    And the reason to downgrade Kate Godwin… her voice is seizure inducing.

  4. True, if Robin Marsh shows up I’ll vomit. But if that chick with that alien lookin face and long nose shows up… I’m never coming back.

  5. Alien? You must mean Amy Lester: http://newsok.com/article/1046797

    As a side, what happened to Nick Winkler on News9. That guy had the most ridiculous stories ever! He’d try to break up his speech for drama (and fail) and he’d interview someone right in front of him, but video from across the road, under the bridge and through a hole with weeds in front of the camera It was like a parody of local news, but intended to be serious.

  6. That’s just mean about Amy Lester. However I’m not sure that Kealey should hit any hot list. Her and that other girl remind me of The Gap Girls from SNL.

  7. Abbey Rae,

    You know…(In my best broadcasting voice) I used to work in radio…maybe we can have lunch and swap stories? Tony can vouch for me… :)

  8. Rosa Flores went to Houston.

    Melissa Newton jumped from FOX25 to KOCO.

    Nick Winkler got fired from NEWS 9, now he’s up in the Northeast.

    I believe Kate Godwin left KOCO, because Sophia Reza has her anchoring job.

  9. Does Patrick’s perverted roommate have a list of top 10 hottest media chicks in Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfits?

  10. Sofia Reza is on your top 10 huh? She is cute but, a poor man’s Jessica Alba. Sofia if you read this you are a QT.

  11. Kimberly Lohman is the most awesome, y’all are stupid. Plus she’s got none of the Botox the top 10 are hittin’. And check when she turns around………

  12. Another strike against poor Amy Lester: Her name sounds like “a molester.” Which means I crack up every time I hear the phrase “Amy Lester joins us from a local school …”

  13. This list was the best idea ever, because everytime I check the site, ya’ll have even more comments! Kudos!

  14. Ali Meyer and Bobbie Miller are way to low. Ali gets 10 smokin Stars ********** and Bobbie is the “HOTTEST” chocolate fanatic in the market.

  15. Ali is way too hot to even be in this market! Your judges are on crack.

    Not only is she a goddess, she rocks on the air too, unlike half the people on this list!

  16. Wow. The 50th comment better be good. On Monday, I’ll release the total points these nice ladies received.

    Also, I’m starting to think that family members are now posting comments, too.

  17. HAHAHAHA Unlike Kell Ogle that line still cracks me up.

    Ali? r u kidding?! by the way why did Nick Winkler got fired?

    My vote goes for PHYLLIS WILLIAMS….

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