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Hint Hint: This is one reason why they call it the “Jokelahoman.”

Sorry to get all OkieFunk.com on everyone, but if you want an angry good laugh then you have to read this Inhofesque Oklahoman editorial at NewsOK.com. Here are some blurbs from it:

While many Americans may not know it, there’s considerable disagreement in scientific circles with the view that humans are the major cause of global warming…

The naysayers have credible arguments. A number of climate experts think Gore exaggerates the warming threat and humankind’s contribution. They take issue with the methodology of the United Nations’ panel that periodically releases reports predicting dramatic climate change…

“The whole process is a swindle,” writes Vincent Gray of New Zealand, a climate scientist and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s expert reviewers’ panel. “The IPCC from the beginning was given the license to use whatever methods would be necessary to provide “˜evidence’ that carbon dioxide increases are harming the climate, even if this involves manipulation of dubious data and using peoples’ opinions instead of science to “˜prove’ their case.”

So is Gore right, or does he wield the biggest megaphone? Are humans causing global warming, or does that notion have exaggerated acceptance because so many environmentalists, activists and government bureaucracies are pushing it “” with philosophically aligned, awards-giving groups like the Nobel committee and Hollywood following them?

Our state newspaper, ladies and gentlemen! I hope it makes you proud.

Anyway, you would think with all the “considerable disagreement” and “naysayers with credible arguments” out there in the world, that the Oklahoman could maybe do better than quote some random scientist from New Zealand. You would think that, but then you would realize that you are reading The Oklahoman, where logic and common sense really don’t matter. Hell, maybe next week they’ll write an editorial touting “Intelligent Design” over evolution or possibly something regarding the scientific “debate” on if the world is round. After reading the garbage found both above and throughout their editorial section, there is nothing that would really surprise me.


  1. I heard that the world’s largest megaphone was just discovered underneath where the Greenland ice sheet has receded. Maybe Inhofe and this Kiwi should go there, recover it, and then their argument would get the most attention.

  2. I know all those Christians are retarded. I wish they would just stop believing all that ridiculous stuff about God creating the world. How stupid are they for believing that stuff? I wish they would open their eyes and believe that something came from nothing.

    Maybe you guys should just stick to the comedy and stray away from the political. Maybe that would be a good idea.

  3. Suddenly Lost Ogle is not the happy snarky place I’ve grown accustomed to.

    Perhaps a few days of ice and no electricity has blackened your souls.

    Is this what it sounds like when doves cry? :(

  4. If the Oklahoman and Traber think something is a myth, that’s good enough for me.

    Now, if we could just find out how Mike Gundy feels about it, that would be great.

  5. Why don’t Oklahoman editorials credit a writer? When the New York Times publishes an editorial, people can refer to it by saying, “Paul Krugman wrote…” But with the Editorials at The Oklahoman, it just says “Editorial” in the byline. I have some theories, but my main one is that if they actually credited the individual writer, individuals would get held accountable for propagating Gaylord’s garbage.

    Anyway, one thing I liked about this article online is that there was a guy who left like three comments in support of the points made in the editorial. He was pointing out that the Nobel Peace committee has no credibility because they gave an award to Jimmy Carter (I guess building homes for the poor and arbitrating a peace accord for the most bitter land dispute on Earth doesn’t impress this guy). Anyway, the guy was from Dumas and his name was Ron, so next to his post it says: “Ron, Dumas”…which I thought was appropriate after remembering the commercial where the job applicant was corrected by the interviewer, “It’s DOO-moss.”

  6. If that editorial makes you angry, it probably coincides with the amount of global warming kool-aid you’ve been drinking. How does it make you feel when Gary England busts on the “humans cause global warming” bandwagon?

  7. Of course its me. What kind of idiot would take the moniker of Gan M. so that they could blindly post comments with no accountability? Besides, of course, the editorial writer at The Oklahoman.

  8. Gary can bust on it all he wants as the creator of the weather.

    If you’re talking about Kool Aid, though, it’s the global warming deniers. You’re trying to tell me it’s a bandwagon to watch factories pump millions of tons of chemical into the air as people in Hummers drive past and think that might be messing with the natural order of things?

    If you want to say that An Inconvenient Truth went overboard, I’ll agree. Gore was calling for action, and you don’t get that by showing the best case scenario if things go on, as is. But denying that there is any relevance is what I call “the Chocolate Diet”. If someone were to say you could eat whatever you want as long as you eat a couple chocolate bars a day, people would do that diet because they wanted to believe it’s true. Of course people want to believe we aren’t culpable in ruining the environment, but just like finding out the chocolate diet isn’t going to work when you’ve gained 100 pounds, waiting until mankind is extinct from ecological change isn’t the best way to figure out global warming isn’t a myth.

    But I’m crazy in that I like to play it better safe than sorry.

  9. Didn’t Gore win the Nobel Prize like 2 months ago? I know the Oklahoman is always a day late and a dollar short, but why is this editorial even written? Or did this random Vincent Gray person just issue a report and it’s getting picked up by other news organizations? No. Not even the Wall Street Journal (where the Oklahoman steals 99% of their editorial material) has a story about him. But, a quick google search does show Vincent Gray appears to be one of Exxon-Mobil’s favorite “climate experts.”

  10. Sorry the Jokelahoman couldn’t lay out the entire argument in their newspaper. I just don’t get why they wouldn’t publish the IPCC’s 1,000+ page report.

    But what if Inhofe is right and there is serious disagreement on the topic? What if Gore intentionally misled people in hopes to scare the crap out of them?

  11. The IPCC report that lowered their prediction for sea level rise compared to their last report? That IPCC report?

  12. You boys need to cool your heels! This global-warming crap is hogwash – even Rip and Tootie can see that!

  13. There is no financial incentive for those that want global taxes on those they deem harmful to the earth? This thing is about money. You would think the ‘Inventor of the Internet’ could set up a mass video conference rather than burn the fuel flying thousands of people to a plush resort in Bali. LOL

  14. Wow, the Daily Oklahoman editorial writers keep up with Inhofe’s blog and write editorials based on it. Shocking. I assumed the RNC just wrote the editiorials, sent it to them and they just cut and paste.

  15. Hi everyone. I’ve been out doing real work today, so I am sorry I haven’t been able to reply to each comment. Not that I would have, but I think a sorry is nice.

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