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At least she pays property taxes…

The lady giving the little anti-gay manifesto in the YouTube clip above is State Rep Sally Kern. She represents the brilliant people living in District 84 in Western Oklahoma City and frighteningly enough is the chair of the House Social Services Committee. As a raging heterosexual, Sally’s right-wing stereotypical Oklahoma conservative rant on homosexuality really pisses me off. In fact, it pisses me off so much that I:

“¢ Decided to give you <edit alert!> a link to her district homepage that shows her home address in case you want to send her a letter.

“¢ Provided you with <edit alert!> a link to picture of her house that is openly available at the Oklahoma County Assessor web page. This is in case you want to go egg it or paint a huge rainbow on the garage.

“¢ Did some Internet sleuthing trying to hopefully uncover that one of her sons mentioned on her bio page, Jesse or Nathan, may be gay. Unfortunately, all I could found out is that one of them is apparently married to this chick. Maybe Hopefully she’s a lesbian or something. Because that would be ironic! Get it??? Satire. Ha ha.

Anyway, I’d like to think that Sally Kern would resign or get disciplined or something, but judging from the somewhat arrogant, unapologetic statements in this Channel 9 interview, I’ll bet that she’ll run for some bigger office and probably win.

(Update: Originally, we displayed picture of Ms. Kern’s house and her daughter-in-law. Because it’s Sunday, we’ve decided just link to those images. This may be a sign that we are developing a conscience, but I doubt it.)


  1. She’s in the neighborhood next to mine. I used to see her signs and her slogan said she’s: “Kernservative.” I used to laugh every time I saw them.

    As a non-gay man who has no desire to be gay, I still don’t undertand what “the gay agenda” is, and how it is a threat to me. Am I missing something, or is this like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and everyone out there is gay but me?

  2. This is so awful. I left Oklahoma for college (partly because of attitudes like this), but I still vote absentee in District 84 (not for Kern). Before her they elected Bill Graves (the guy who kept tattooing outlawed because he thought it was immoral); now he’s our district judge!

    That said, there are at least a few sensible people in District 84.

  3. I’m tempted to buy a ton of “For Sale By Owner” signs and write “but to gays only!” on them, and put them in her front yard every day.

    Crazy ass bitch!

  4. Absolutely sickening. Although — it is interesting to note that the group that published the video did not reveal her name … I’m glad that it came out. Kern exemplifies the exact kind of hateful, paranoid rhetoric that makes me ashamed to be an Oklahoman.

    Here’s hoping when her term is up that she won’t be reelected.

  5. Awful, disgusting, sickening… These are words I’d use to describe what Kevin Underwood did to Jamie Bolin. Over-react much? On the other hand, it’s every bit your right to over-react as it is Kern’s right to believe whatever she does.

  6. Just terrible. Gays are more dangerous than terrorism? Gays are a cancer? Gays are deadly? It amazes me that anyone would say this. You can disagree with the lifestyle without being a homophobic bigot. Obviously, Rep. Kern did not get that memo.

  7. Kern’s comments are way over the top, even to someone like me who doesn’t approve of same-sex relationships.

    But posting a picture of her house and a picture of and link to a woman who has no relationship to her except marrying her son? I have a hard time seeing that as anything but a childish and classless action.

  8. She is nuts, track down the legislation she has introduced.
    Her Baptist minister husband pulls those strings.
    Sadly, she will be re-elected.

  9. I don’t know what’s worse, her comments or your response. Implying that her daughter-in-law is a lesbian and calling for her home to be vandalized? I’d say your reaction is almost as repulsive as Kern’s comments.

  10. Let me guess I just payed for her “free” speech”, from my taxes. You her how she tries to play the victim. “Puts me in jeopardy”. Oh how courageous of you.

  11. I sent this via email and snail mail to Mrs. Kernservative:

    Dear Sally Kern,

    I am shocked and angry over your hateful remarks about gays. You of all people should know better than to behave that way. Your bible says that your God is the only one who has the right of judgment. As a political leader, you also know that the Constitution provides for separation of church and state, so your religious ramblings have no place in any conversation while you are a seated government official. Those two reasons alone are good enough reason for you to shut your mouth. Your husband can spew all the hate he wants to during his Sunday morning sermons. He will answer to God for that. You, however, have to answer to your constituents. I vow to tell everyone I know in the state of Oklahoma what you have done. I have thousands of friends and family members – men, women, gay, straight, business owners, political leaders, most of all…voters. I won’t rest until I am sure you NEVER serve in a government office EVER AGAIN. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    S. Kamiko

    Honolulu, HI
    Yukon, OK

  12. “Childish and Classless! I love it!”

    Yes, I’m sure you do. And therein lies the problem.

  13. Bravo for the post. Words like this kill – that’s the bottom line. She’s an accomplice to attempted murder – pure and simple and she’s going to hell in her redneck hand basket.

  14. I hope someone in the area uses the address to leave a flaming bag-o-poo on her front doorstep this evening.

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