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Sally Kern has a GAY son?

From PerezHilton.com, which just happens to be the biggest blog in the universe:

The truth always comes out!!!!

As it should happen to be”¦

The homophobic Republican hatemonger from Oklahoma has a gay son!!!!

That’s right, Sally Kern’s son Jesse is a big ol’ homo, PerezHilton.com has learned.

We’re sure he’s REAL PROUD of mommy!

And, it has also been revealed that Good Ol’ Sally has lied about receiving death threats.

God is ashamed of Sally Kern. We know. She told us!

Well, I guess this kind of confirms the rumors that one of her sons is gay. I hinted around this last Saturday, but I wasn’t able to confirm anything, so I just posted a picture of Sally Kern’s house instead. Anyway, even though Sally has already said that she won’t apologize to all those she offended and hurt with her comments, hopefully she’ll be a good Mom and apologize to her son…or at least send him to jail for being more dangerous than a terrorist.

(Thanks to a reader who is apparently fond of Brent Skarky for posting the tip.)


  1. The Chris Rock principle strikes again. Whatever you hate will end up in your family. It came true in the Matthews’ family tree when I married a Republican. Then again, I (more likely George W. Bush) cured her of that.

  2. Not that it really matters much, but this assertion has been debunked by the Democrat website…www.demookie.com. The site administrator there…Tim Reece has checked on that and found that is a different person that is the gay…and that Kern’s son is NOT gay. Just think we should stick to the truth.

  3. In the same line of reasoning previously used for pushing “wouldn’t it be funny if one of her sons were gay”, how funny would it be if the ones pushing this gay son story were sued for libel? I imagine not very funny for some, a little ironic funny for others.

  4. I read the demookie site. The different person was someone that had a sodomy charge against them in 1989 on the OSCN and had the same name as Kern’s son does, since Kern’s son would have been around 12 years old in 1989. It doesn’t mean her son isn’t gay, but is not the person listed on OSCN. Another blogger found some comments on the Tulsa world site that related to her son.


  5. Patrick sure is infactuated with Sally Kern. What Sally Kern story will you bring us tomorrow? Something you got off of TMZ.com, I presume?

  6. To Gary:
    Your post says that the Demookie.com website debunks the fact that Kern has a gay son. In fact it is just the opposite. The site is full of comments and information on her gay son. Check it out. Lots of information on Kern there and more discussion of the huge firestorm her hateful comments has fired up.

  7. This is the thread Gary is talking about:

    It appears the “facts” provided for Jesse Kern being gay is an anonymous post on news9.com and a 1989 oral sodomy conviction found on oscn.net. Kern’s son Jesse would have been 12 or 13 in 1989, so tying that oral sodomy conviction to that Jesse Kern is clearly debunked as you will not find juvenile records on oscn.net. As for the anonymous posting on news9.com, what does it cost an anonymous poster to make off-the-wall comments? Probably not even two cents.

  8. “which just happens to be the biggest blog in the universe” since when does the “Biggest” have anything whatsoever to do with factual content? Perezhilton has merely a funny website with absolutley no factual content… or maybe I havent got into the research side of the website.. haha yeah right

  9. Everyone should start sending her subscription to gay porn magazines.

    I just bought her a subscription to BLACK INCHES MAGAZINE. To a redneck like Sally, nothing says “Hate you back, gurl…” like a getting a monthly dose of huge black c*ck!

  10. Cashion the only thing that was debunked was that the person on OSCN record was Kern’s son, not that he is gay, and the demokie site was the only one that made the connection based on the OSCN report. If you like I can contact a few people who went to OBU in the 90’s who can verify if Kern’s son is gay or not, if that will satisfy your curiosity.

    “Perezhilton has merely a funny website with absolutley no factual content”¦ or maybe I havent got into the research side of the website.. haha yeah right”

    You are aware that Perezhilton has outed a few celebs before they actually came out (Doogie and Lance Bass.) His blog is read by millions. What isn’t factual? The top of the page has a video of Steve O in a drug induced state, was that made up?

  11. I actually don’t care if he’s gay or not, I’m just suggesting that continuing to spread unfounded rumors is a good way to get sued for libel. Proving the negative (that he isn’t gay) is not possible, therefore it is the responsibility of those wanting so badly for him to be gay to provide proof. A couple anonymous postings on a message board isn’t proof. What is the endgame for this, anyway? If he is gay, does someone win?

  12. Saying that someone is gay is not libel dude. I believe he is gay (and that’s what I have from 2 of the three OBU students that were in school with him during the same time frame) it would explain her unhinged feelings on the issue.

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