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Saturday Fun: Guess the Location


The other day, one of our Ogle Moles emailed us this snapshot from the lobby of a local office tower. The first person to correctly guess where this lobby (and its three cool and hip tvs) is located wins an autographed picture of Clark Mathews or the opportunity to outbid Tony for this Ryan Minor basketball card.

Good luck!


  1. Someone at the lost has an unhealthy obsession with Dave Morris and Sally Kern. Almost like a homophobe to gay people…

  2. Ryan Minor is my hero, I haven’t the slightest as to where that picture is but I’ll shuck a pretty penny to whoever wins it.

  3. Its above the crabby old man at the front of the lobby at the joke-lahoman.

    I love that their “security guard” could easily be out run by a toddler learning to walk.

  4. of course it’s inside OPUBCO — who else would spend all that money on flat screens to watch Dave and FOX?

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