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In early March, the first ever game of Ogle Madness was played between the Richardson Home’s Girl and the Diffee Kids. It ended in a tie. Now, about 7 weeks later, the championship game has finally arrived. Here it is:

(1) Amy McRee vs. (2) Lauren Richardson

This championship game should really be exciting. Basically, you have the established veteran vs. the young up and comer. Or better yet, the Pink Bikini vs. The Ice Cream Cone.

Anyway, read about them and cast your deciding vote after the jump. Voting will last until 6pm on Thursday.

(p.s. Thanks to everyone for participating and voting in Ogle Madness. Also, most of the Ogle Madness posts have been posted under my name, but Tony and Clark Matthews wrote most of the bios. Hell, Tony even took one for the team a couple of times and made some emergency posts while I was out drinking with drunk girls . So thanks to Tony and Clark Matthews, too.)

About (1) Amy McRee:

Conference: The Float the Illinois River League chill at Lake Arcadia league

Who she is: 10pm Anchor for KWTV Channel 9

Biggest Strength: Putting things in her mouth.

Biggest Weakness: Lack of piercings.

Fun Fact: You will often find her emceeing local events around town or playing in charity golf tournaments.

About (2) Lauren Richardson:

Conference: Local Media

Who she is: KOKH Reporter

Biggest Strength: Looks. Personality. Has a twin sister.

Biggest Weakness: Keeping her cherry in place. Log rolling.

Fun Fact: Lauren hails from the O.C. and is the daughter and granddaughter of professional golfers. To be clear, her father and grandfather are not the same person, sick-o!

(1) Amy McRee vs. (2) Lauren Richardson

  • Lauren Richardson (50%, 212 Votes)
  • Amy McRee (50%, 210 Votes)

Total Voters: 422

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  1. The problem with the blow-up doll is that it can’t hold your head for you after you take it out drinking.

    The Ogle office pool was dominated by Cardboard Jim.

  2. And according to the state law of Hawaii, I get half of Cardboard Jim’s winnings from the pool.

  3. I voted for the upset.

    I would also like more adventures with Cardboard Jim. Can you possible re-enact the Sphincter explosion on I-35?

  4. Hey! Besides having a brain that will generate enough energy to run her body without “Protein Supplements” Amy has hot friends that look as good in bikini’s as she does. I personally think that the final four voting should be done on an independent site – there is no secret to the fact that the lost ooglers running this site have boyhood fantasies about Lauren. Face it boys, she’s not one you’d take home to mom and expect them to communicate. OMG! What have I become? Communicate. never mind.

  5. Boys, your upside-down-pink-heart/pink heart-with-ice-cream cone graphic is very nice work. Borderline genius.

  6. For those of you who log in religiously to check out the results and are right now thinking, “I thought Lauren was running away with this thing,” I have an explanation. We have had a bit of ballot stuffing. As of 4:14 pm, an employee of the U.S. Postal Service had voted in favor of Lauren Richardson 69 times. (I like to think that number was intentional.) At first, I was afraid to take any action, as some of you may be aware that post officers have been known to react poorly to stress. Then, my professional ethics kicked in and I adjusted the score so that the mailman only received one vote like everyone else.

    Take that as a warning Next-Person-Who-Figures-Out-How-to-Beat-the-System. I’m watching this thing like a hawk.

  7. So if the voting was stuffed..than why weren’t the votes subtracted?? I find your story very hard to believe since you can only vot once from 1 computer…

  8. Amy McRee is a goddess, this will not stand. I sense fraud of epic proportion. Has anyone checked the Skarky Machine to see if he’s up to his old tricks?

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