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Cardboard Jim likes the ladies…


This past Saturday, Tony, Clark Matthews and I went to the Norman Music Festival. Not only did we get to go as official members of the media (which prompted George Lang to ask us “Why are you all here?”), but we also got to bring along our friend Cardboard Jim. Later this week, we will document his wimgoy Norman Music Festival experience in our second edition of the Travels of Cardboard Jim.

Other than a train roaring by every few minutes, the Norman Music Festival was pretty damn fun and pretty damn cool. We would like to give a big thanks to the organizers for letting people from the new viral, untraditional media cover this event. “Thank Yous” also go out to:

“¢ The nice security guard who let us sneak two cases of Miller Lite into the festival.

“¢ The WIMGO gals above for giving Jim a FREE t-shirt. Jim asked them WTF is Wimgo, but they couldn’t answer.

“¢ Ibuprofen and Gatorade


  1. The Dark Lords are giddy with the success of NMF. The free event made possible by wimgo (and other sponsors) along with the organizers from the dark tower will be marked as an important milestone in our dark plans.

    This success makes us want to run rampant through the darkened halls of the dark tower naked, frothing at the mouth much like a child with ADHD armed with pixy sticks and Koolaid.

    Wimgo will be the ultimate weapon against the leftist, communist-hippy regime in Oklahoma. We will revel in the success of NMF for days to come.

    As always, we are always watching.

    Your [un]friendly folks in the dark tower.

  2. NMF was an excellent event! With all due respect to the Kittens and the Spree (who were both incredible), I have to say that I really enjoyed British Sea Power.

  3. Who were the rap artists at the NMF? What about country? Pop? Shouldn’t this be represented by all types of music that are popular in Oklahoma?

    What a sad shame…I would have liked to hear Color Me Badd at the least…

  4. Amen TDaddy. The NMF was a good start, and those bands are great at what they do, but how about next year we shoot for more than just the “I want to be weird” crowd. Let’s see some country, rap, latin, etc. And getting a Mexican who raps to country music doesn’t count. That’s so overdone. Anyway, thanks to wimgo.com and Fowler and all the other folks who made it possible. SXSW had to start somewhere, and stuff like this makes our state just a little cooler.

  5. The Centennial Celebration Concert sounds like what you were describing TDaddy.

    Of course, Color Me Badd probably belongs at any music festival, regardless of the genre.

  6. Blythe: You refused a picture with Jim! That broke his heart, and is why you were not mentioned in this post.

    I gotta say, between Blythe’s ruining Cardboard Jim’s day and Ryan from OklahomaRock’s inability to pull himself away from the shade, it was not a good day for OKC blogger solidarity.

  7. Also, I must disagree with our Russki friend Vlade. Obviously no one is allowed to repeat this, and if questioned I will deny it to the death, but I find the Dark Tower to be among our most hilarious commenters.

  8. Okay, just a couple of questions. First, what precautions did you take in the event the Cardboard Jim had a colon blowout like the meat Jim? Ass Gasket? Depends? you need to be a bit more socially conscious about leaving particals of carboard Jim scat around Norman. (It also makes me wondear in that morbid sense of curiosity way, just what cardboard Jim would poop….Styrofoam pellets? Wet pulp like what they make egg crates out of?) The second thing is….Why Miller Lite? Can’t you afford real beer?

  9. You guys are big time for carrying me around like that. After the colon blow, I’ll take all the pub I can get. Even if you are a buncha yardbirds.

  10. Wimgo — The savior of The Oklahoma Publishing Co., errrrrr OPUBCO Communications Group.

    The fiddler plays while Rome burns.

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