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Rodgers/Traber Is The New Lincoln/Douglas

photo from flickr user ~Aphrodite

Yesterday, Mark Rodgers and Jim Traber engaged in the world’s greatest only debate having to do with the University of Oklahoma baseball team. I’ll avoid keeping score, with the exception of grading the entire thing as FREAKING AWESOME AS HELL! Seriously, if the Sports Animal was like this all the time I would listen a lot more often.

You can find the audio here. It’s fifteen minutes long, but the good stuff really kicks in during the last 2-3 minutes or so.


  1. mark rodgers is a bit of a bitch. i do remember his station and himself with fellow sports reporters, suiting up and participating in the fall red/white scrimages. so, he really can’t say that he doesn’t have support for golloway.

  2. I listened this yesterday (and I believe noted it on these hallowed pages) and I’m afraid that although I don’t like Traber, I think that he does have some bias towards Galloway probably because Sonny thinks Traber is a loudmouth idiot. The argument was flatly stupid on Traber’s part primarily because he wouldn’t divulge the whole conversation he allegedly was present for. Rodgers was right – Cochell did the hiring and firing, not Galloway. Look guys, if the jackass in Michigan is a Douche Bag, you’ve got to admit – Jim Traber is a blivit douche bag. Remember, a blivit is 10 pounds of poop in a 5 pound bag.

  3. This clearly shows that they are biased by personal friendships. How is Galloway’s position any different than Sean Sutton’s? Both are in 2nd year after taking over late in season. Both are having bad years. Yet, Traber was Sean’s biggest supporter and screamed for more time. Traber and Sean are good friends. Here, he’s the biggest proponent of Galloway being fired. I haven’t heard if this comparison has been pointed out to Traber, or his reaction, but I’ll try if I get some time to call in.

  4. Traber’s a douchebag. Better yet, he’s a colostomy bag on a douchbag. He lobbied hard against Golloway getting the OU head coaching job after Cochell resigned. Then he pouted when OU came within one game of advancing to Omaha the next year. Now, he’s employing a double-standard on Golloway because of a personal grudge.

    As for Rodgers, I’ve always thought he was a little too cerebral for the likes of Traber and Humphreys. By the way, I love the fact that Humphreys was trying to speak and couldn’t form a coherent sentence. It’s like Ralphie trying to talk to Santa Claus.

  5. TRABOOR IS A O.U. hater just like all the aggies i have ever known. he takes a shot at the sooners every chance he gets. its the sooner fans that keep wwls on the air. its amazing they havent run him off like the diamondbacks did. i wished traboor would call nolan ryan a cheater to his face so ryan would kick his ass like he kicked traboor’s aggie buddy robin ventura’s ass. way to go mark rogers.

  6. Mark Rodgers is very pro OU, Traber is very Pro OSU.. I think Mark is being way too optomistic about OU baseball…. They all but packed it in getting swept by Kansas baseball… I think Mark is looking thru the Crimson glasses on this one. And I do think that Sunny (not Sunni) did have a hand in what Traber said….

  7. Traber is a loudmouth self serving moron,with only 1 friend, currently that would be another loudmouth TOUT, what a pair, ace high beats that pair. Traber has become a liability, used to be an asset, I think his agenda at this time is to as much damage as he can against Citadel, time to line up the pump and jet Jim.

  8. Just more of Traber’s mouth. Obviously the colon surgery didn’t remove all his s**t. He’s an embarrassment to Oklahoma…and is the reason I refuse to listed to the Sports Animal if he’s on. He yells, doesn’t talk and what he says is moronic. He has no class…..NONE. Get rid of him.

  9. Man, Trabes haaaaaates when someone disagrees with him.

    I love that Trabes says that he knows Larry “really well”, then says he hasn’t talked to him in, what, more than three years?

    At 8:38, Trabes make a sound that I’ll be impersonating for the rest of my life. ‘Diddiddaaugiegarridowontwonationalchampionships!’

  10. Hell yeah! The Ultimate put a beatdown on that yardbird Mark Rogers. Maybe Mark will learn that he can’t hang with The Ultimate in an argument. Mark, you’re a joke. Jim used to play in the big leagues so he knows more about baseball than you’ll ever know about sports reporting. You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up on Oklatravelnet like that other yardbird Skarky.
    I can listen to this over and over. Now, I’ve gotta go chow down my leftover half-foot sub from Jersey Mike’s then go condition my baseball glove using the tips I learned from The Ultimate so I can play catch.

  11. Traber has been going downhill for years. He used to be enertaining but he just been terrible since coming back from his surgery. It was a golden time on the Animal when he was gone. He used to be able to form coherent thoughts and arguments but I think the pain meds are clouding his judgement. Mark Rodgers is a self-promoting whore like all of the radio personalities in this market but at least he doesn’t resort to shouting to get his point across. Sports talk radio is pretty low in value and quality but this argument brings it to a new low. Good job, WWLS. Way to keep it classy!

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