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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Dave Morris’ Hot Girlfriend

Originally, Clark Matthews’ idea was to start a series called “A Douche Bag a Day in the Month of May.” Thankfully, Tony and I were able to convince him that a ‘Hot Girl a Day’ series would be much better.

Anyway, as a homage to Clark’s original idea, here is the Metro’s biggest douche bag’s hot girlfriend.


  1. Hmmm we only see this chick from armpits up. It’s sorta like, ya know, maybe she has a butt like Kim Kardashian – Huge. I don’t deny that she has the appearance of being hot, but perhaps the “Oogleratzie” can get some full length shots of her especially without her holding her douchbag appendage. (Wouldn’t it be as funny as hell if this was Morris’ sister or some shit?) By the way, someone do a photoshop on the shot in the pink sweater – her eyes look like she’s about to turn into another soul sucking bitch from hell (Not like there’s anything wrong with that for those, like myself, that married one).

  2. she has that look in her eye that suggests she doesn’t yet know how little money a “journalist” in this market makes.

  3. i’m more impressed with the shoddy, poorly-drawn “Heroes of the 1960s” framed piece in the background of the first pic. why does John Lennon look like Rocky Dennis from “Mask”? could this be a sneak peek inside the Great Den of Douchery? i think it could…

  4. “I am 28% sure I worked with her mom”¦”

    75% of statistics are made up 40% of the time.

  5. chekkie – you took the words right out of my mouth! hilarious. he is truly el douche-o grande. she’s pretty….but honestly, so are most 21 year olds w/a little makeup, some self-tanner and a fake rack.

  6. So you are saying I have a chance of being right Bosley?

    Surely you would not say I was making things up…

  7. i love a girl with a cock-eye! i just want to see more of the house, just to confirm my suspicions of there being an Oklahoma state flag on a wall just above the heralded bottles of every Miller Lite he’s ever had. what am i thinking–naturally, he’d be a canned-beer man, wouldn’t he? i just hope he approves the friend request i sent him today…

  8. Seriously. What’s the deal you guys have with this guy? You don’t know him I don’t think, and this blog post and these comments aren’t even really funny. Just sort of mean. I don’t get it. I think you have a man-crush on Dave Morris. I think you guys hate his hot girlfriend because she gets to sleep next to him at night. I’m just spitballin’ here. There has to be some explaination for your relentless hatred for this man. It’s like high school in here. Isn’t there anything better, or more to the point, funnier to write about?

  9. We’ve never used to word hate. We’ve just pointed out he has a hot girlfriend and is a Douche Bag. From what I’ve heard, most the people that “hate” Mr. Morriss work in the Dark Tower.

  10. AWWW Dave Morris has his own version of a Claymate/fangurl. Good touches on the hatin/jealous/get a life/you’re in love comments Brian, but I think you would have more credibility as a fangurl if you signed your name Ashlee, Britnee, Haylee, or Kaylee. Those are fangurl names.

  11. “Hate” is much too strong of a term to use here. But remember, folks: Every time you speak Dave Morris’s name, a kitten has a miscarriage.

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