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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Sunni Kate Golloway

With Bedlam Baseball taking place this weekend, we figured that a picture of Ms. Sunni Kate Golloway would be a good choice for our HGADITMOM series. However, we were getting tired of posting the same damn picture of her over and over. So this time, we decided to share with everyone this picture found on her husband’s MySpace Page.

Anyway, I’m not sure which is sadder. Sunni Kate is married (and maybe no longer a Golloway). Sunni Kate is married to this guy. Or Clark Matthews’s love poems. I don’t know, folks. You tell me.


  1. common douche baggery runs rampant and invades the golloway clan. no wonder the sooners can win many baseball games this year. if i had a daughter and she was married to a gargantuan scrote like that secret society basement spanker, i’d end it all.

    by the way, the text is really, really small as i type this and could lead to widespread typos. your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

    another by the way: ever consider doing a hottest metro real estate agent deal? i noticed the last few days that there are some babes selling (overpriced) houses in okc, norman, edmond. just saying…

  2. I’d drag ’em through a hundred miles of broken glass just to toss the salad in her bathrobe.

  3. She is smokin’ hot…I don’t care how bad of a baseball coach her daddy is. No one cares about college baseball anyway…except for people from Wichita or Fullerton, CA (wherever that is)…oh, and Jim Traber.

    I bet there is a treasure trove of similar pictures of Sunni Kate on some dude’s cellphone in Del City (or someplace like that). If you have such pictures, please share the wealth!

  4. If you could get a picture of Sunni with Cardboard Jim, that would be great. Of course I think she would kick his ass and tie him up with his colostomy bag.

  5. Air brushing did her good for the P-Boy thing. Get Elo the means to print his pics!

  6. One of these days, you “dudes” are going to be zonin out(not unlike today), and snap, crackle, pop; the epiphany occurs. Damn, that girl is younger than my own daughter.
    For now, carry on. But be cognizant, the day looms.

  7. I like the fact that her myspace picture is also pasted on the wall next to her playboy picture. Kind of pulls the whole thing together…

  8. haha, I knew her husband in college and this is funny to me!! Why would anyone post pictures like this on their myspace?

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