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Hot Girl a Day During the Month of May: Nicky Aycox

According to Wikipedia, Nicky is from Hennessey and has appeared in a bunch of stuff that I never knew existed. She also has a younger brother named Steve. Something tells me that Steve probably wrote her wikipedia page.


  1. I’m going on the record with the first comment to denounce any re-emphasizing of syllables in her last name for comedic gains. come on, folks…at least 6 of us are above doing something like that.

  2. Do you get your copy off bathroom walls or old Playboys.
    I think you are unrespectful of women who allow themselves to be exploited as sex objects. Perhpaps you will be fathers some day and regret being morality challenged and pleasure worshiping egotists while in your “wet behind the ears years” . And you are government employees?…Gos save the state!

  3. To be fair, I think TLO is very respectful of the women objectified here.

    Furthermore, they occasionally spell words correctly, FGO.

  4. What government would possibly employ the TLO guys?! GOS save us all!Geez Onions, TLO hasn’t been “unrespectful” to women since-well I’m not really sure how to be “unrespectful”. I think I could be “morality challenged”, I certainly am a “pleasure worshiping egotist”. I most certainly am past my “wet behind the ears years”, yet I have been accused of perpetual adolescence. Nothing like being berated by a semi-literate feminist.

  5. Grendel,
    thanks for plowing thru the misspelled words, bad grammar, family values morality and old bromides to read Onions. It is good for the brilliant and talented highly educated of the upper crust like you to occaisionly peruse the verbal net ghetto and get a feel for those less fortunate. I know you come from a good family background and should do well as a speling tactician. Thanks for all you do for us po folk.
    Copulation is for populating and not for exploitation is my opinion and I would not restrict your right in any way to hold the wrong opinion. I would rather have a sister in a hore house than a brother in law who was an editor at Misplaced Ogle.

  6. Don’t poke the Onion. Every minute he wastes over here is a minute he could have spent writing uninformed, poorly worded anti-Obama posts on his own blog.

  7. Likewise, I appreciate the explanation on the limited uses for copulation. Heretofore, I’ve been confused.

  8. I used to be able to spell the word whore, but since I have my own website, I can just spell it like it sounds, hore, and get away with it.

  9. Dear FG Onions: Personlly, I think we, and I mean the people that run this site, and those of us that wander in here to read it, are very respectful of any women that allow themselves to be exploited as sex objects – Thank you very much. We respect their decision to exploit themselves and respect the fact that they have the right to do what they please. In fact, some of us aspire to the high holiness of Sunny Galloway who’s daughter has been known to grace the pages of this hallowed place, the likes of Playboy Magazine, and the many minds of adolescent boys from one end of our grand State to the other. Finally, if you’re so dead set against what may or may not be on these pages, what brought you here? You need to make sure that before you rant about how we have such low moral character (many here wouldn’t dispute that) think about the google search you made that brought you into the gutter with us. Hypocrite.

  10. She was hotter in high school (Enid High ’93).
    She was not as hot in Jeepers Creepers II.
    She was mildly hot as Brass’s daughter on CSI-Vegas.
    She is back to being fully hot on TLO (tho, I have to agree with the above poster who isn’t a fan of the undie-choice.)

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