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Hot Girl a Day in the Month of May: Van Shea Iven

Granted, Van Shea may be a weird name for girl and she kind of looks like a lesbian…and she kind of sounds like Clyde the Frog…but girls that like sports are hot.  And I can’t think of a girl more obsessed with sports than Van Shae Iven.  Seriously, check out all of her YouTube clips.


  1. Dude…

    You have totally lost it. You are confusing the word “Queen” with “Girl”. Big difference. There cannot be a more gay sports figure than this guy err, gal. Not counting Jenni Carlson of course.

  2. I’ve been around VSI a few times, and it’s hard to figure out if he/she is a d-bag, uses one, or both.

  3. He used to (maybe still does) date a sorority girl at OCU who was like 9 years his junior. Which made me feel a little less creepy as I was only like 6 years older than the girl there that I was dating…

  4. Has many of the great qualities that a “HGADITMOM” should have such as enjoy playing with big balls… as shown in picture above.

  5. it’s not a tampon, it’s (supposed to be) a bomb.

    but, as George Carlin has noted…..

    all weapons are penis-shaped, so the confusion is understandable.

    You should see what the other leagues do when they realize VD is coming to town.

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