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It’s a simple question: Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs.

Back in December, we ranked the “Top 7 Awesomely Bad Local Commercials.” Topping the list was the now infamous Mr. Spriggs BBQ Commercial found below:

It’s hard to believe, but that video has now become somewhat of a small internet sensation. The YouTube video has been played nearly 50,000 times, and super sites like College Humor and Stupid Videos now host it. That’s all great, but now we’ve learned this: Will Ferrell has highlighted the video on his FunnyorDie page. Here’s what Mr. Ferrell said:

Usually even a good commercial makes me think “Yeah, right. Of course you’re saying that. You wanna sell your thing.” This video makes me want to move to Oklahoma and eat Mr. Spriggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Taco Bell fourth meal. Enjoy the joy.

Will F*cking Ferrell is pimping Mr. Spriggs BBQ. I think this proves that anything in this world is possible (except for maybe Mr. Monday writing a funny column or me not being so damn good looking).

Anyway, the last thing I want to do is give the geniuses at Mr. Spriggs any advice, but they should probably take a big plate of bbq spare ribs and overnight them to Will Ferrell. They should also send him a tall, cool Budweiser to polish things off.

(Thanks to Honorary Ogle Ryan at OklahomaRock for tip.)


  1. This is the only place that seeing a cockroach on the floor is acceptable. They also have Galaga!

  2. I still have the Mr. Spriggs song stuck in my head an hour after hearing it for the first time. Say what you will about the visuals, but that’s a pretty effective commercial.

  3. Well, we were referenced without mention of a tornado, a stolen NBA franchise, or a shaved orangutan with a Ford logo on his guitar…so that’s something. Now, can somebody explain to me the new 7-11 commercial with the junior high “band” and the awful vocoder effect!!? It almost makes me resent their 1,200% markups and their gasoline full of water and sediment…

  4. Damn! Now I really want to come back home to OKC and have me some Mr. Spriggs BBQ! And then go to Johnnie’s, and Ann’s Chicken Fry House, not to mention hitting Braum’s and Sonic.

  5. Mr. Spriggs should team up with the rappers from the DMAC Cars commercial for his next installment.

  6. I know that this comment would be more appropriate with your list of the worst commercials, but if I hear another Dean and Rosser Interurban commerical I will puke. The Craig and Mackie commercials are almost excusable from the point of view that these guys are not slick radio professionals, but I can just see Dean telling Rosser that, according to his high school marketing book, it is more natural to step on each other’s lines rather than volley back and forth. The result leaves me wondering who to call; WWLS, Dean or Interurban? In the meantime, I will not eat at the Interurban.

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