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Non-Obligatory Sunday Teaser Post…

This is just a quick little post to let everyone know we have some cool things coming up this week.

Cool Thing #1: The Travels of Cardboard Jim Traber resume. Last time Jim visited the Norman Music Festival. This time he decided to visit the OKC Pride Festival. Oddly enough, the hippies in Norman seemed more accepting of Cardboard Jim than the people in attendance at the Pride Festival at Memorial Park.

Cool Thing #2: Sometime this week we hope to unveil our new interactive feature. Not to totally give it away, but it is kind of the exact opposite of a big feature the Oklahoma Gazette runs each year. I also want to say that it is the exact opposite of the stupid Reader’s Choice thing The Oklahoman does each year, but that thing has named Supercuts the best Hair Salon for something like 100 consecutive years, so they may actually be very similar.

Cool Thing #3: Clark Matthews Nude!

Anyway, we hope you swing by to check them out.  We also hope you bring brownies.  Magic brownies.


  1. Apparently some guy looking like the bouncer at a gay bar wasn’t gay enough for the pride fest, but it was for NMF. Great shows one and all by the way for those who missed it.

  2. Maybe the people attending the pride festival aren’t sports fans? They probably like soccer or some other quasi-sport.

  3. I would love to hear what Traber has to say about his poster being spotted at a Pride Week event. What a homophobe!

  4. Jim’s classic “ole school-east coast” with traditional blue collar values. He’s not outspoken or offensive by YAnkee standard, but he does offend the unrealistic liberals


    It’s a smorgasbord of delicious Oklahoma joy….it’s like…like…someone shooting my my eyes with little sugar coated bullets made of laffy taffy ensconced glee and has the pungent aroma of jolly ranchers and shame.

  6. Hopefully he helped get the word out to everyone that The Sports Urinal is moving up the dial and all…

  7. You know Jim had the pool shooters disease, they cut him in the side,and sewed his ass up.See ya Jimmy boy.

    As ever Betnhi

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