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This was unexpected…

So, it looks like Fark (forum link) decided to link to Cardboard Jim’s gay pride experience at about 5:15 (CST) today. Here is what it said:

Some dorks get a life-sized cardboard cut-out of a local homophobic right wing sports radio host and take it to the Gay Pride Festival, with photo goodness

Some thoughts:

“¢ The stats you see above are from the WordPress stats engine. Keep in mind that in the WordPress stats world, a day starts at 6pm. That means that 4,609 referrals you see from Fark “yesterday” actually took place from 5:15pm – 6:00pm…a 45-minute window. To put that volume in perspective, we usually get a couple of thousand visitors an average day.

“¢ We were already on the verge of being booted by our hosting provider (or be forced to move to an expensive dedicated server), and this may have sealed the deal. We host this site (and the surprisingly still active) HornetsCentral.com on a $8 a month shared server through GoDaddy.com. Between the two, we are basically allotted 50 simultaneous hits at one time. Safe to say, we have exceeded that a few times today. (Hint Hint: if anyone knows of a good place to host TLO, maybe send us an email)

“¢ We have no clue how this got submitted to Fark. I have a hunch that I was done by someone at OPUBCO.

“¢ Clark Matthews was excited that we were referred to as “Dorks.”

“¢ Jim Traber has to be proud of how popular is cardboard counterpart has become. Also, this publicity may boost the ratings for The Locker Room from a 0.1 to a 0.3.

12:30pm Update: We have already set a new traffic record today at The Lost Ogle with over 16,000 views and counting.  This easily surpasses the previous record of 12,000 views achieved when DeadSpin linked to our Sunni Kate Golloway post.  Call me crazy, but I think the picture of Sunni Kate is better than all the ones of Cardboard Jim combined.- Patrick


  1. i was in the oklahoman building visiting a friend and brought up the lost ogle, and people looked at me as if it were taboo. then i asked what wimgo was all about. they weren’t happy.

  2. Bravo, dudes and dude-ettes.

    Look at it like this…I see you have ads on your site — those clicks (and troubles with the host) are good problems to have. Clicks are the sound of money being made, right?

  3. Red — That’s classic. As a former OPUBCOer, there are lots of very talented people there with ambition. But the ambition is usually quashed by the no-talent, small-minded overlords who’ve never worked anywhere but OPUBCO.

    Just figure it this way — if The Lost Ogle is taboo, you’ve joined some fine company. Also taboo is objective coverage of Chesapeake, Devon, United Way, the state fair (E.L. Gaylord had a hard-on for the fair), or anything else that would affect the golf buddies of David Thompson or Chris Reen.

  4. On my top secret other blog, I use DreamHost and I have been very happy with the service. It’s pricier, but worth it, in my opinion.

  5. I’ve been through my fair share of webhosts and I’d have to say the best VPS/dedi company I’ve ever used is WiredTree (http://wiredtree.com). I currently run most of my clients’ sites off of a hybrid server (http://wiredtree.com/managedhybrid/) and pay $114 and some change per month. I signed up using some sort of a coupon at the time and get a small discount each month. If you’ve got no experience with managing a server then they’ve got excellent support personnel to get you going and keep it running smoothly. Quite a bit pricier than what you’re currently paying but they have some VPSs for ~$50/mo.

  6. Hey, cool dorks.. As one of the Farkers who helped put you in this sitch, let me first apologise, and then say that this may actually be good, for the reasons expressed above.

    There are a few smallish things like this where we are, and most of us use Dreamhost. Take too long to explain why, but I recommend it.

    And now, I’ve got to see if someone can find a life-size cutout of Steve Laffey.

    /you folks rock

  7. Dude, that is freakin’ off the chain. I love FARK and had no clue you guys managed to make it that far. Congratulations on proving me wrong about how unimportant life-sized cardboard cutouts of douchebags are. Kudos!

  8. Touche, Mr. Monday. However, readers aren’t dumb. In the age of Google News, they get a story from the Wall Street Journal on Devon, Chesapeake or whatever and then wonder why The Oklahoman didn’t have it.

    Then they can put the pieces together and realize they’re getting shortchanged. It’s not fair to the hard-working reporters who have their work undermined by some coward on the 12th floor.

    I’ve defended the paper from idiots who think sports coverage is slanted toward OU and there’s a bias against OSU. However, to sit here and pretend that good work hasn’t been slapped down numerous times because it might offend someone’s back-slapping golfing buddy or a friend of the ownership is nonsense.

    Readers deserve better.

  9. Does this mean that I’ll be able to download a page on your blog in less than 5 minutes!?!?!?! I’m so freakin excited I just wet myself, welcome to the 90’s!

  10. I’m guessing outside of your niche viewers, it’s a different subset of people logging on to view Sunni.


  11. Farkin A- severely airbrushed pictures of the daughter of realboard Jim’s sworn enemy should win this fight.

    since realboard Jim is recovering this week maybe he was leading the charge on the big number of hits.

    get to feeling better big guy! no one has been called pathetic this week – we miss it!

  12. If you ever want to get a LTE published in the Oklahoman, when McReyonlds writes you with his infinite string of bullshit emails questioning your sources (as if he would have any) DO NOT, (if you wish your letter published) ask him about his stock ownership in Chesapeake.

    OTOH, it does end that nasty string of emails quickly.

  13. The sad thing is Amy McCree’s photos should have garnered more hits than all of these combined.

    and yes…you are all dorks.

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