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Maybe he’ll pursue an acting career…

The beautiful guy pictured above is Dan Murdock. Dan Murdock is the General Counsel of the Oklahoma Bar Association. If you’ve been following the news at all today, you may know that Dan was arrested Saturday night on an alleged sexual battery complaint. From an article at NewsOK.com (for the juicy stuff, skip the article and download the crime report.)

A crying woman told police Oklahoma City attorney Dan Murdock got her alone at Remington Park Saturday night, asked if she is a tease, then pulled down her top and bit her on the breast, police reported.

The woman said he also grabbed her by the hair, bit her neck and grabbed her outside her clothes in her genital area.

“But he didn’t rape me,” she told police in tears…

The woman, who is in her 30s, said she had talked with Murdock at the wedding shower (at Remington Park), according to the report. She said she had been drinking wine. She said he told her he was divorced.

She said he wanted to show her his other suite and she agreed.

“Once inside the suite, she realized there was no one in there but her and” Murdock, police reported.

Well, this proves some theories. Don’t trust an attorney (obviously). Don’t trust a Remington Park multi-suite holder. And don’t pull the top off a random drunk woman and bite her on the breast.

Anyway, as it always is, I’m sure there is another side to this story…and if there is, I’m sure we’ll never hear about it. While we wait, I would recommend for Mr. Murdock to do these things.

“¢ Get a good criminal defense attorney

“¢ Get a good divorce attorney

“¢ Read some of his own calm soothing articles over at the Oklahoma Bar Association website. You know, articles like “Making Life Better for Others,” “The Content of Our Character,” and “Clean Out Your Closet.”

“¢ Get in touch with Mike Gassaway and pursue an acting career.

(Sorry it is buried down here, but if you only do one thing all day, you’ll click the very last link. I wish I would have discovered it earlier.)


  1. I find it interesting that Mr. Murdock was the one who led the charge to get Mike Gassaway for, among other things, “Sexual Misconduct”. Here, before the ink is dry on the opinion disbarring Mr. Gassaway, we find Mr. Murdock, his chief prosecutor, charged with “Sexual Misconduct”. Hmmm. Poetic Justice? What comes around goes around? Karma?

  2. Um, so ya, I know this guy. He actually got me out of my first ticket for only having one working headlight!

  3. Man, oh man that’s good stuff, that Gassaway site is a nugget of internet gold. “You wanna see my other suite?” is the new “Hey kid want some candy?”

  4. I’m kind of surprised you guys haven’t posted anything on the dog sex videos? I guess it’s up to the irritatedtulsan to keep us up to date on all the good Tulsa extreme-dog-love news out there.

  5. I was fucking wasted, saw this before going to work, and that site made my ribs hurt up until now. Bravo TLO. You’ve made my work day.

  6. I know Dan personally, I have relatives that were at the shower, that Dan never left the company of the suite. What the news didnt tell you is who came and got him out of jail. A very big city official.

  7. okcpilot, have you heard the other story of what happened at Remington Park that night? Apparently the gal who came to give the alleged victim a ride home also had an altercation with another groom-to-be (GTB) from a separate pre-wedding party (not the one involving the accused attorney). Don’t know all the details, but it involved GTB trying to choke the victim-picker-upper (VPU) and the VPU grabbing the GTB’s dentures out of his mouth and throwing them down the hallway. THIS is the story we should be reading about in the newspaper because it is far more entertaining. And who knew Remington Park was such a wild place for pre-wedding festivities?

  8. OMG! My eyes!!! Why or why did I click on that last link? I know Mike as a professional acquaintance and really did not need to see that picture. I think I am going to be sick. Yuck!

  9. It would be interesting who the official was who got him out of jail…maybe the press will pick up on that!

  10. Does this mean that we won’t be seeing Dan dress up in drag anymore at the annual CLE Ethics Cabaret? I guess Randy can take his place.

  11. more will come out of the story. Dan was set up. Just wait til the whole story comes out. I cant wait to see all the retractions. Be careful of what you write on this subject….

  12. I’ve known Dan Murdock for over 20 years and have always found him to be a decent, honorable guy. This stuff, if true, is mystifying.

  13. jackbowenswig – something tells me Randy will have no problem filling in for Dan at the CLE…

  14. I have met Mr. Murdock a few times, there is no way I would believe this happened the way the news says… after all, the only people worse than liars are bankers, car sales persons and the media. Dan: we’re all behind you!

  15. i can’t believe no one has mentioned the report. it’s classic the way she says what he did. “he grabbed my ****y.” i would have loved to see the police officer’s face when she said that not once but twice. “he didn’t rape me, he just grabbed my ****y.”

  16. I was about to say! They posted the pics on the front page of newsok.com

    There really should be a disclaimer before you check those oiled up man tittys about the website not compensating you for any food lost if you happen to be eating.

  17. Murdock–I am shocked but not surprised. I am a lawyer and went to a hospitality suite after the end of a conference. This was several years ago. He had a couple of women (other lawyers, one of which was/is a very prominent attorney and active in the bar) sitting on his lap and they were all drunk. One kept trying to get up and he would playfully grab her and put him back on his lap— Not the behavior of an ethical married family man. Still, though, I am really surprised about the biting. If true, he must have been toasted.

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