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Is this the guy who designed the Brent Rinehart Comic Book?

At the end of the Brent Rinehart Comic Book, it says that the master artist who drew the entire thing is a man named Shane Suiters. So after reading the masterpiece, my first thought was, “Who is this Shane Suiters? Who is this talented artist who could possibly design the ‘save the dates’ for my wedding?”

So, I did what anyone would do and looked for this Shane Suiters on Myspace. There’s only one. And he lives in Del City. And oddly enough, he’s a tattoo artist. Hmmmn.

I guess now you know who you should probably contact if you’d like a toga-wearing sodomite emblazoned somewhere on your body. And my ‘save the dates.’ They may just be the best ones ever.

More pictures after the jump.


  1. I not saying Shane is gay but, he has taken posing gay to a new level not before seen before in Del City.

  2. it cant be the guy who drew the comic book, this is a guy the comic book is primarily about… see tinkerbell, hell boy and gladiator references…

  3. Clearly he isn’t gay. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please focus on exhibit 2. The flower pattern couch and Michael’s bought painting prove that no gay man has been within 1500 feet of his residence.
    We’ll go back to exhibit 1, and look at his Caesar, push the hair forward and use lots of gel, haircut. George Clooney sported this style for a few hours after reenacting a Caligula scene on his last boyscout trip. But realized he would look like less of a douche bag if he just wore a “summers eve” t-shirt.
    In conclusion I would like to note that he is NOT gay, and is the exact opposite of a “liberal, good ‘ole boy” which I guess makes him a “tight, bad young man”…

    ..ok, he’s gay.

  4. Whatever he is, he needs to learn how to spell. “pedifile”–isn’t that somebody who trims your toenails? Also, using “your” instead of “you’re”.

    This idiotic tract just adds to the image of the buffoonery of Oklahoma politics. Also, does it make sense in our law and order community to attack the sheriff for wanting more equipment and a bigger jail?

  5. Sorry about all the typo’s in the first post. My girlfriend woke up and almost caught me viewing the TLO, so I had to exit quickly. When she catches me looking at TLO, she treats me as if I have been viewing XXX porn.
    I’m so ashamed, I can’t stand up to her. I wish I were more of a real man like Brent Rhinehart.

  6. He looks like the lead singer dude from Matchbox 20, so yeah, he’s totally gay.

  7. If you look at his Myspace you will find that he has gotten some tat work done more recently. Flames, barb wire, winged predator, serpent and celtic cross are all present and accounted for meeting all Del City standards.

  8. The key to being a true Del Citian is the choice of motor vehicle. If he’s from Del City, he probably still drives a Firebird, or better yet, an IROC-Camaro. Because he probably has a shirt that says: IROC n’ roll.

  9. Checking his Myspace you will find that the prefered vehicle of choice is the aging SUV. Good times were once had in the slammed 90′ “Hood Rat” orange Blazer. More recently the 92′ faded black Jeep Cherokee was the vehicle of choice until a muddin’ mishap down at the river.

  10. “Whenever there is a leather couch around, I just gotta take of my shirt and pose”.

    -Shane Suiters

  11. Cleary this fellow is sexy and that is all that matters. I wadnt thinking clearly when i judged him the first time over. Anybody gots his #?

  12. Oh lawdy, this guy makes me more ashamed to live in Del City than Del City alone does. Please, PLEASE, someone put birth control (or arsenic, ebola, whatevs) in the water here in Del City, so we don’t get any more of these gene pool accidents.
    In other words, he makes the Baby Jebus cry.

  13. Brent allegedly wrote all of his own material – Shane merely illustrated. I’m sure they worked closely together. Incidently, could it be coincidence that Brent is a Republican who lives in his own log cabin? I’m just sayin’

  14. After seeing Shane’s pictures, and having seen Rhinehart’s pictures, I’m sure Brent was right on top of the artist to make sure he got his point about the gay agenda, especially the anal sodomy part.
    I’m just saying….

  15. The “liberal good ol’ boys,” gays and Satan are doing everything they can to get Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart out of office, lets see how far they will go.

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