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Worst of OKC: Worst “Sports Animal” Host

I don’t know why I listen to the Sports Animal as much as I do.

At first I was going to compare it to a heroin addiction, but then I remembered that heroin addicts seem to enjoy heroin, and I don’t really enjoy listening the Sports Animal.

Sure, it’s on FM, and it can be entertaining at times, but for the most part, I can’t stand it. One reason in particular is that they have some terrible hosts. Meet them (and vote for the worst one) after the jump.

Bob Barry Jr.

You would think that being a sports talk host (and sports anchor) would require an above average knowledge of sports. BBJ shoots that idea down pretty fast. Outside of his three favorite pro sports teams and OU women’s basketball, Bob Barry Jr. doesn’t know too much about the sporting world. How did he get his job then? Well, when you google his name, a link to his dad comes up first.

al eschbach

Al Eschbach

If all you care about when it comes to sports talk is semi-biased propaganda reporting about the University of Oklahoma, then Al Eschbach is probably your favorite host on The Sports Animal. He also wears a swim suit when he plays basketball. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with him as a sports talk host, but I just wanted to point it out…again.

Craig Humphreys

Because he’s loaded with cash and loves sports, Craig Humphreys was very influential in the rapid rise and popularity of sports talk dominance on the Oklahoma airwaves. Unfortunately, due to that money and influence, he became a sports talk host, too.

Mark Rodgers

Originally, Mark Rodgers wasn’t going to make this list. We actually kind of like his show, plus he did a Q & A with us. Then he went all crazy and decided to ask for listener input for his Top 15 high school football teams of all time. Since that fateful day, every call to his show has been about either 1992 Ada team or ’74 Wetumka or the 2007 Who-really-cares.

Jim Traber

The best thing about Jim Traber is that he created Cardboard Jim Traber. The second best thing about Jim Traber is the Jim Traber Drinking Game. There isn’t really a third best thing about Jim Traber.

Worst Sports Animal Host:

  • Craig Humphreys (32%, 349 Votes)
  • Al Eschbach (25%, 266 Votes)
  • Jim Traber (21%, 231 Votes)
  • Bob Barry Jr. (16%, 176 Votes)
  • Mark Rodgers (5%, 55 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,077

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  1. O.k. I know he’s not a host on the Animal per se but I can’t stand “the steel man”! I can’t even listen to the morning animals anymore because he annoys me that much. I listen to the ref in the mornings now because I got tired of listening to “steely’s” narcissistic I hate the world because I wasn’t loved as a child rants.

  2. Seeing the lead by Jr. makes me feel like I’m not as crazy as I once thought I was. All this guy talks about are “my Celtics” and “my Redsox”. He is the leading voice for all those douche bags who’ve bought Redsox hats in the last 5 years and said they’re life long Boston fans.

  3. Honestly, if Al Eshbach walked into any radio station (Kansas City had a weak moment) in the country and applied for a job, what do you think his chances would be to actually get on the air? As his meager amount of votes show, there seems to be a notion that Al is above criticism, that he is a “sports expert”.
    If you have listened carefully over the years you will notice that when taking callers questions or playing “Stump the Chump”, he either deflects questions, appears to be eating or drinking instead of actually listening to his callers or has said on innumerable occasions “I will definately check into that and get back to you”.
    Al is a joke, but the fact that we listen to him is the bigger joke.

  4. Craig! Golf SUX! The only thing more boring that watching it, is hearing someone talk about it on the radio for hours.

    I was torn though. I really can’t stand BBJ either.

  5. They’re all bad in their own way, but Humphreys is the only one that forces me to change the station at the first sound of his voice.

  6. Vanpoozen I couldn’t agree with you more about bbj. Everytime I see a douche bag wearing a red sux hat I want to walk up to them and ask them if they can name more than 4 players. I bet if you put a truth serum in bbj he watches between 0 & 4 games a year.

  7. I can’t believe you didn’t give us a chance to vote for Mike Steely. I hate that guy with all that I am.

  8. Bob Barry Jr is the best sportscaster in OKC, if there’s some one better, i don’t know, you tell me

  9. Craig gets the nod only because he wants to talk about golf shots that were in tournaments before many listeners were even born. Who freaking cares about a shot from 30 years ago?

    As a group, I would list the Morning Animals. Anytime a group of grown men sing in unison every chance that they get, there is a problem. I seriously couldn’t listen when Iron Man was in theaters. And something about Curtis makes me want to put him in the chicken wing. Finally, Pork needs to take a hike. There is a big difference between being fat and being tough.

  10. Al Eschbach doesn’t know what a scrotum is, despite looking at one every morning when he combs whats left of his hair. Definitely the worst of a steaming pile of crap all from The Sports Enema.

    BTW pick a frequency and STICK WITH IT!

  11. The 1992 Ada team was by FAR the best high school football team to ever take the field in Oklahoma high school football history. GO COUGARS!!!!!

  12. Traber and Al are the reason I quit listening to the Sports Animal…I have JOX 930 on when I’m listening to the radio…much better and they mostly stick to sports. Loved Jack Mildren and Ron Thulin together..what a loss when Jack died.

  13. I actually like BBJ because he is a nice person, but Traber is just a douchebag supreme and the rest are just guys who couldn’t get a job in a real market.

    Some of them have actually had enough ego to try and go to a better market, but Eschbach went to KC and was fired within six months and same for Traber in Phoenix.

    Hopefully with an NBA team OKC now becomes a real market and we get some real hosts. We’ve had some guys who get a lot of airtime with EPSN now with Gottlieb and Bill Simonson, so maybe they’ll come back and replace some of these ass clowns.

    By the way, Hump is by far the worst and he obviously bought his job with his families millions. He couldn’t even give Robert Allen any competition and that is pretty bad.

  14. Traber is STILL on the air??? Ever since I switched over to JOX 930, I could care less about listening to that clown.

    But hey, he DID hit .225 in the big leagues! šŸ˜‰

    Traber is awesome…if you don’t believe me, just ask him.

  15. I just love the attitude by every single one of them about how if it isn’t football, basketball, baseball, hockey or golf it’s not a real sport.

  16. Seriously, is the BBJ and Steeley fued ever going to result in a deathmatch? Should be pretty even now that they are in the same weight class.

  17. traber is the worst. the only thing he did in the major leagues is break babe ruths record of eating 32 hot dogs between games of a double header.

  18. Ah, The Sports Stammer-imal.

    It’s Humphries by a galaxy and if you picked someone else, then you don’t listen that often. Aside from the typical ‘golf’ gripes, which don’t bother me that much, it’s absolute unprofessionalism. Cramming the mic in his grill, you can hear every last tic of his annoying mouth movements. “But uh….uh…yeah butbutbut um…….” “youyouyou” STAMMER-fest, incoherent mumbling, mush mouth. Have you ever heard him a read an advertisement? HORRID.

    Traber is off-putting and arrogant but he’s entertaining.
    It IS the entertainment business after all. Try listening to the Traber ‘time slot’ when he’s not on there. Brutal.

    Eschabach, eh, it’s (mostly unfunny) schtick. He’s a hack, he probably knows it. He can be entertaining though.

    BBJ at the least has a nice demeanour on the radio. He’s boring and not-so knowledgable across a spectrum of topics but he’s inoffensive to the ears, mostly. That said, I can’t stand to listen to him, so I don’t.

    I like Mark Rodgers.

    I think Mike Steely should be on this list. Not because he’s not reasonably good but because he’s a condescending jerk. Really, him and Curtis Fitzpatrick share the same trait. A couple of jock sniffers looking down their nose at people constantly on the radio. It’s a shame because I actually think he’s pretty good on the radio. Fitzpatrick, I never liked him, these two remind me of the guys who in high school who who were sub-jocks. The lowest of the low. Not that they don’t share the same unhipness with a swath of other folk but they believe they are better than almost everyone, but the jocks of course. Who are GODS in their eyes.

    Outside of Traber’s show I haven’t listened to much of the rest in about 5 years, Rodgers occasionally and Al when he’s on with Traber, so maybe these guys have changed their tune and I’m being unfair. I would tend to bet they haven’t changed their stripes.

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