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Bankruptcy: Blame the Mexicans!!!

Before I continue on with the post scheduled, I would like to apologize for the volume of political posts that you have seen on this website recently. Unfortunately for those of you who dislike politics, or those of you who are fooled by the way I carefully hide my liberal leanings, this is an election year, so a good amount of our material will probably be driven by that fact. By mid-November, I would imagine that the regular media will go back to advertising which of their cast has undergone stomach stapling procedures and we can go back to riciculing them for not reporting real news. In the meantime…

Some of you may have already heard that one of our favorite targets, State Representative Randy Terrill, has made the news for possibly gaming the bankruptcy system. Even The Oklahoman, which typically requires the discovery of a drifter buried beneath the home of the politician before running a negative article on a Republican, thought this newsworthy enough to sensationalize.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get why this is supposed to be a big deal. Sure, Terrill probably did swindle his wife’s credit card companies out of a couple thousand dollars, because seriously, who leaves themself with a mere $500 after they lend their campaign $18,000? It’s sleazy. It’s slimy. But, by no means is this a revelation. This is the man who championed HB1804, a bill written by a white supremacist group and designed to create hostility toward anyone of hispanic decent. He refers to Mexican children with a term considered by most to be a slur. He wears a cheesy OU tie while sitting in wicker furniture for photo shoots. Okay, on closer inspection, it isn’t wicker, but still, why is the questionable bankruptcy behavior something to focus on?

I kind of felt the same way when it came to the “scandal” that brought down House Speaker Lance Cargill. Yes, it is dumb to not pay your taxes, particularly when your salary is paid by said tax revenue. It reeks of hypocrisy. That being said, there was plenty to hold against Cargill. And by plenty, I really mean a complete lack of anything. Even on his own website, the only accomplishment Cargill shows from his time prior to becoming speaker is that he was the only person to hit a home run in a charity baseball game. Keep in mind, I don’t blame him for this–I’d brag about a home run I hit in a fathers versus sons baseball scrimmage–but I don’t think I should be one of the most powerful politicians in the state. So what made him qualified to be the youngest speaker in state history? It was the Dilbert Principle in practice, I guess. Personally, I would have thought he should have been voted out for ineffectiveness, but paying the penalty and interest on his late taxes would have been enough retribution for what actually caused his fall.

That’s our problem in this state. We watch our government make stupid decisions all the time, but we keep voting in the same morons because they offer to fight a “cultural war” against a group of people simply asking for equal rights, or use a generic description of themselves hitting specific key words. The only way we vote them out is if trumped up nonsense charges get brought against them. For instance, Brent Rinehart probably would have cruised to re-election if Drew Edmondson had not caught him for campaign finance irregularities and triggered the County Commissioner to emulate 2Pac by releasing a diss cartoon book.

So anyway, the next time you watch the construction crews come along and tear up a perfectly good stretch of road to repave, then later when driving down 23rd Street your car shakes like you were cruising the streets of Kabul, think about voting some of these clowns out for their job performance even if they don’t have a random crime to hold against them.


  1. Did Brent Rinehart write your post, or just proof-read it? “an negative”? “wive’s”? Wive is a verb, to take a wife.

  2. But…but…if they don’t fight the culture war for us, then the gays and the Mexicans and the poor people might…talk to us.

    I can fight my own cultural battles, thank you very much. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a knife-fight with Sally Kern.

  3. Thank you Kelvin for pointing out my typos. I can assure you our proof reading department will hear about his. At least I can take solace in the fact that I didn’t spend two months working on this post.

  4. Fair play enough, Clark . . . and I’m sorry for striking so low. I apologize. Now, excuse me, I have to call some recruits.

  5. “By mid-November, I would imagine that the regular media will go back to advertising which of their cast has undergone stomach stapling procedures and we can go back to riciculing them for not reporting real news…” On that note has anyone seen the Linda Cavanaugh commercial where she’s doing a story on botox?? (the story might have already aired) I’m sure she did plenty of research on that story…

  6. Poor ol’ Racist Randy, it’s all his wife’s fault for not paying off her student loans.The kind of loans he doesn’t want the Mexicans to get ever.

  7. What is Randy hiding behind his hands?

    Is it his “I heart Rinehart” button?

    Possibly one of Mayor Mick’s all fresca chalupas?

    or the shame of outdated, unnecessary bigotry?

    Hard to tell from that picture..

  8. You know what? I think this entire fiasco is justice served on a real prick who tried to make a name for himself by fuleing the fires of racism and attacking those who can’t effectively defend themsleves….Vote Troy Green in 2008!!!!

  9. That’s supposed to be a reference to the way he looks creepy like Kevin Spacey in Seven.

  10. The fact that you folks know absolutely nothing about the facts apparently is not preventing you from making an ass of yourselves.

    The problem with Rep. Terrill’s bankruptcy filing was highly technical and the kind of problem that many professional bankruptcy attorneys would have missed entirely or made the same decision on. Bottom line, it is a technical error that does not reflect on the Rep.s honesty.

    Would you know how to file your own bankruptcy or how to advise your attorney on the appropriate relationship between campaign financing laws and the federal bankruptcy code? I seriously doubt it since you can’t even spell the English language at a high school level. You should stick to printing bikini pictures. That way at least, your profound ignorance is not on display for the world to see.

  11. @ Lawyer

    Maybe it really isn’t about the facts of the case and more about the fact that this is guy is on the level of DICK CHANEY EVIL!!!! I don’t really know why if you were so high and mighty that you would even bother posting in a comments section T.L.O. You must not have enough cases so you go around spreading fodder and insulting the good posters of T.L.O. with your language NAZI attitude. Most of us don’t have a big enough stick up our ass to worry about proper punctuation in a comments section of a not so much news website that people enjoy. Way to take the fun out of making fun of people like you! Go away

  12. You said: Maybe it really isn’t about the facts of the case and more about the fact that this is guy is on the level of DICK CHANEY EVIL!!!!

    I say: Last time I checked this is America. We don’t convict people on trumped up charges because we disagree with their politics. If the facts don’t support the charge should we convict him anyway because we don’t like him?

    You said: Ad hominem attacks

    I say: If you can’t debate the issues why not just be quiet instead of assuming facts not evidence. And BTW, who says I’m not working now?

    You said: Most of us don’t have a big enough stick up our ass to worry about proper punctuation in a comments section of a not so much news website that people enjoy.

    I say: I can type properly spelled and punctuated English faster than you can probably speak it given your arguments here. The problem with dealing with folks like you is that you are so poorly educated that you don’t know enough to realize what you don’t know and are too arrogant to listen to people who are trying to tell you.

    I’ll go away when I darn well feel like it and not a moment sooner.

  13. I said: This is a blog, not a message board. Please keep it that way. Having stupid arguments in the comments that distract form the posts is annoying.

  14. All i was getting at is that taking a forum such as this so seriously is going to nothing but cause you frustration. The same could be said about my initial reaction to your previous post. I read this website to lighten up my day in the midst of spreadsheets and word documents.

    I extend my apologies for being brash in my initial reply, as I attacked you without base. But please keep in mind that there is really no reason to pretend like we are tough guys behind keyboards (myself included). Places like these (comment sections) shouldn’t be taken so seriously.


    I realize that people are only human and that the intricacies of such bankruptcy filings can, and most of the time are, very complicated. I am more than willing to leave it up to the professionals to sort it out. My issues with this man are not just his questionable political affiliations and criminal activities, but his motives. I am all for a good economy (for everyone) and people driving with car insurance, but not so much for racist bigotry.

    Conviction or no, this man is not someone that I could support by any stretch of the imagination. Unfortunately I have to pay his salary along with the rest of us. Hopefully he’ll be able to pay his fines, if there are any, and within time he’ll be removed from office. This would be step in the right direction for my fellow compassionate yet uneducated (as you so claim) readers such as myself.

    Most people will continue to bury their head in the sand and pretend that its impossible to cheat the system. However, as most of the people at the top know, if theres a good enough lawyer, theres a way to cheat the system.


  15. Sorry Patrick, i was typing the last one and didn’t see your last post. I will leave this where is stands. I enjoy everything that goes on here. Keep up the good work.

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