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Is this the Oklahoma City Thunder Logo?

Underwhelmed? I know I am.


  1. Perhaps when it thaws we’ll see that it’s a rubber costume with fake teeth, a tongue stuffed in the mouth and a scrotum sewed to it.

  2. Bless them, they picked the logo with the least color so it would be cheaper to reproduce. What a pitiful thing.

  3. Wow. First the name Thunder and now this. Maybe the people who said we’re not ready for an NBA team are right.

  4. I really don’t know what to think about that thing they want to call a “professional” team logo. I am in agreement with “Bless Your Heart”, it’s just cheaper to reproduce. Hopefully this isn’t the actual one. I have seen it other places “leaked” also. Damn.

  5. The idiots have strung us along for over two months and THIS is the payoff? Booo-rinnng. I’m still going to love the NBA being here and everything, but bye bye shirt-wearing.

  6. Ugh…the fonts clash, the “shield” looks like 80’s style art, and most importantly, it does not represent “Thunder” in the least.

    Hopefully the rest of the logos will look better, otherwise Bennett needs a new PR department and design team, pronto. Better delay the announcement for another month to print some new stuff!

  7. anyone notice that the shades of blue are pretty close to that of the Seattle Seahawks?…ironic? we take their team, we take their color(s).
    you compare:


  8. Sad and pathetic. I could have lived with Barons.

    Utterly sad and pathetic.

    Even worse the coach is still PJ Carlesimo.

  9. I like it. Of course, no one else will like it cause its not the name or the colors or the logo that THEY want or THEY thought of in their head. We have an NBA team, get used to it. Have you seen the other logos and team names in the NBA, it fits just fine. but of course, you guys all forked over $400 million dollars so go ahead and gripe about it. Wait a minute, no you didn’t…..

  10. I’m not even a basketball fan and I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this. Criminy… there’s not even any lightning on it. The current OKC logo looks better than this.

    I hope this isn’t it. For the good of our town’s pride.

  11. Actually, Elo, as taxpayers in the state of Oklahoma, we are part of a group that will fork over well beyond $400 million, so, yeah, I reserve my right to bitch.

  12. Thunder is a great name. Who can defend any nickname. Knickerbockers? Nuggets? Lakers? Whats the difference?

    As for logo, looks great to me. Let’s play ball!

  13. This is fake. Unfortunately, whoever created this didn’t account for the leather panel, or seam, that would be cutting directly through the logo. This white leather panel, shown in the picture, is too large. Just take a look for yourself- look up an official NBA Spalding basketball and your be able to dispel your fears of this disgusting logo.

  14. WTF cares what the name and logo are. Call them the blanks and let them wear BVds,, important thing is we get to see Kevin Durant, Desmond Mason and the rest as OUR team. Thunder is as good as anything.

  15. It’s not that bad, but it definitely does not have the “wow” factor. They’ve matched their MLS sounding name with an MLS looking logo. blech

    I hope it is a fake.

  16. I’m sure Nuggets and Knickerbockers….Jazz (in Utah?) and Lakers were seen as underwhelming when they were introduced. Point is OKC has an NBA team! Go Thunder!!!!!

  17. You guys are way too gullible, without having any sort of valid source for this photo. The basketball looks like one of those mail-order ones you can order for your little league team. Some kid probably created this logo on their personal computer and slapped it on a cheap custom basketball. This is my hope, at least!

  18. Ummm, JAJim- I don’t think it has any lightning on it because the name is “Thunder” maybe- just my 2 cents.
    It has to be a fake-
    I hope it is a fake.

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