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Is this the Oklahoma City Thunder Logo?

Underwhelmed? I know I am.


  1. Pretty sad when our AA pro hockey team and minor league baseball club have more creative and appealing logos.

  2. “I don’t think it has any lightning on it because the name is Thunder”. So how do you visually represent thunder without lightning? A logo made of sound waves?

  3. Awful design. I bought several Hornets shirts, but I won’t buy any thunder apparel if this is the design.

  4. This could well be another teaser, like the “Marshals are leaving in xx:xx:xx (countdown)” electronic billboards around town.

  5. My honest guess is that this is just something done for a basketball or not associated with the team at all. The graphic itself isn’t the giveaway, to me, it’s the font used for “THUNDER” … it’s straight out of Word Perfect ’97.

  6. I hope and pray this isn’t the logo…the only comfort I get out of this is that if the Barons black and gold picture had come out last week we’d all be wetting ourselves about that fake jersey.

  7. This logo is worse than the WNBA logos. It would be a good logo for a kids league but this is a mans league. Where’s the toughness?

  8. It is rather bland, and the basketball in the logo just reminds me of the old Suns or Cavs logos. I’m hoping this is, at worst, a “teaser” logo.

    BTW, Thunder could be represented by Thor’s Hammer, or the superhero Thor. Plus, not every logo has to contain a literal depiction of the nickname (Pistons, Nuggets, Nets, Knicks, Trail Blazers, etc).

  9. Look at the ball closely. This is a fake. You can see the paper not adhering to the balls surface. Look at the white on the back right side as well. Somebody made this themselves. Fear not Sooner fan….this isn’t your logo, but I just wanted to say that you should be ashamed of your owners for stealing Seattle’s team. Your city is in the middle of no where and nobody outside of greedy David Stern gives a rat’s ass about your dust bowl of a city! It’s appropriate that some of you referenced throwing up in your mouth because that is what most people do when they find out that they have to go to OKC!

  10. Should’ve just been a big dollar sign with a Starbuck’s cup in the background. Hopefully after making the intentionally pathetic showing of last year the Thunder can actually make noise for you. I don’t think we’ll miss ’em up here in the Northwest though!

  11. Hey, Oglemole, I mean “Elo Melgo,” I would be happy to shut up about it if we had not forked over millions of dollars, but we did. If you are that clueless, you really MUST be an Ogle. Do you honestly think that the renovation of the nearly new Ford Center is going to be the end of it? Do you think in five years when we are finishing our fifth year dead last in the league and attendance is somewhere around, oh, I don’t know, 12, that Clay Bennett isn’t going to come up with some new demand. The difference between what he did to the people of Seattle and what he’s going to do to the people of Oklahoma is that Seattle didn’t fall for it. Oklahoma will.

  12. I thought they were just going to replace the tower and radio waves with an oil derrick and lightening bolts …

  13. “Look at the ball closely. This is a fake. You can see the paper not adhering to the balls surface. Look at the white on the back right side as well.”

    Um… what the hell are you talking about? That made absolutely zero sense at all.

    My guess is that this is one of the logos. Probably an alternate or secondary type of a logo. But it looks real to me. And everyone is right. It’s hideous. What a joke.

    They took this damn long to unveil that?


  14. Bobo: Knickerbockers has historical aptness and resonance. Try a 2-second Wikipedia search (“According to Ric Burns’ New York: A Documentary Film, generations of New Yorkers proudly claimed to be descendants of Father Knickerbocker, despite his fictional roots.”) Lakers made perfect sense in Minnesota, and hangs on for sake of alliteration in LA. Nuggets is reference to gold, again historically pertinent to the region.
    And all of those names are plurals, which every team name should be!!

    Elo: What? It costs $400mil to have an opinion these days??

    I’ll still use the name the team should have, in honor of Clay Bennett: The Oklahoma City Firepants.

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