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Breaking News: Buy your official Oklahoma City Thunder gear online

Uhm…I guess you can go ahead and ignore the post below this one.  And if this is part of the “build interest” plan by Clay Bennett and Friends, they can go !@#$ themselves…

Oh yeah, here’s the link to the NBA store.  Go buy an overpriced polo shirt or something. 

2:41pm Update: Don’t forget to request your text message from NewsOK or The Sports Animal.


  1. I think the NBA needs to fire their webmaster and IT folks. This has to be one of the worst kept secrets ever.

  2. I’m seriously worried that this is all that they could come up with. It’s on par though. I think Sir Clay made it himself. Must of gotten a new Mac for Christmas……

  3. So… uh… We’re gonna act surprised today at 5 when they announce the Thunder is the “Thunder”. That’s the plan.

    Geee whiz.

  4. The team should be called the Oklahoma City Stealers. First, they steal the team from Seattle. Then, they steal the colors and scheme from Golden State. Nice start.

  5. I am thinking Clay, Aubrey, et al can’t agree on a logo and decided to throw this crap out there since practices will start soon. Nice job of cashing in on merchandise from the new team.

  6. Uhhhhh, if this isn’t a joke they should have at least had a contest among kindergartners to design the logo instead. This can not be real. The team’s marketing dept and leadership are dumber than the Okie’s that gave them an extra $180 million in unnecessary tax subsidies.

  7. People were going to dislike whatever logo they chose. The real crime here is the ridiculous look of “Thunder”. Is there any way to put that on a jersey or hat without looking ridiculous? God forbid they would a classic font like the Bulls or Celtics so everyone wouldn’t know we just got promoted from JV.

  8. Trust fund baby, Meg Alexander, just quoted Bob Seger,
    “We felt the lightning and waited on the thunder…”
    “Waited on the Thund-aww-aww-awwwww”


  9. Ok, I will take the minority position here…I like the logo. As the old saying goes, some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope.

    So come on OKC, quit the bitching and whining (lest we seem like Seattle) and embrace the logo. It is what it is.

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