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Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas for 2008

Around this time last year, we released our first ever Oklahoma Halloween Costume ideas. The idea was that you could wear these costumes to Halloween parties and perhaps have the most creative costume.

Some of the highlights were:

“¢ Brian Thomas, a.k.a. The Texas Fan (PICTURED ABOVE)
“¢ Allen Michael Beckett, a.k.a. Mike Beckett, the OU Scrotal Assassin
“¢ Amy McRee
“¢ The Lloyd Noble Center
“¢ Mike Gundy and Jenni Carlson

It’s hard to top a list like that, but we tried our best. Check all of them out after the jump.

1. The Mathis Brothers

This would be a good group costume idea. Just get a couple of guys to wear everyday, business casual clothing. When you get to your Halloween party, just walk around the place and try out all the host’s furniture. If you want to get real creative, bring a small dog or child to put in your lap.

If you want to get gross, bring a gerbil.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder Logo Designer
Put on a big Oklahoma City Thunder T-Shirt and wear dark sunglasses. For added effect, bring along a walking stick and seeing-eye dog.

3. Wanda Jo Peltier Stapleton
Wear a fancy checkered jacket and gold shirt . Throughout the night, yell at trick-or-treaters for walking in the grass. Tell everyone you hate the NBA and complain about the loud music and price of groceries. Even bring along some paper bags and tell everyone you are going to go to Aldi later. In the middle of the party, turn the TV to an old “Murder She Wrote” episode and fall asleep.

4. Van Shea Iven
Go to a sporting goods store and buy an assortment of athletics gear. Wear it all to the party and in a awkward, high pitched voice, announce to everyone what a great high school baseball player you were.

5. Jerry Giordano
Yeah, this one may be a bad idea. Uhm, put on a blue tank top and mesh shorts and get hammered. Take some melted chocolate and smear it all over your legs and shorts.

6. Gladiator from the Brent Rinehart Comic Book
I think the picture describes this pretty well. However, to make it absolutely perfect, you’ll need to carry around a miniature Brent Skarky.

7. BJ Wexler
BJ is the host of the OETA Move Club. Simply put on your nicest late 1980’s sweater and walk around with a bag of popcorn, or for even better effect, roll around an entire popcorn machine and dance to this song!

8. Mike Burgess, the old Custer County Sheriff
Last year, we listed Tall Paul as a costume idea. The Custer County Sheriff would be pretty similar, only you would need to bring a whip, chains and squirt bottle.

9. Ed Kelly
To be Ed Kelly, you need a terribly weird hair cut and big thick glasses. You then walk around your party and give mundane and archaic opinions on Oklahoma politics.

10. Sally Kern’s 32-year-old, celibate heterosexual son.
Not only is this guy celibate, he’s also a musician and metaphysicist, so there are plenty of ways to go with this one.

11. The Fake Mo Dampeer:
Put on a nice fitting white shirt, blue jeans and write the number 31725 on a sheet of paper and hang it around your neck.

12. Randy Terrill
Wear a suit with an OU tie. Top it off with bald head cap. Whenever you see any Hispanic person, chase them away.

13. Chubby Johnson

This would be a pretty easy costume for me. I would just need to shrink a few inches.

14. Adam Knapp
Yeah. While doing research for this list, I ran across this guy. Apparently, he is the Oklahoma City writer for about.com. He has a post that covers this exact same topic. He lists himself as a costume. Here’s what he says:

The Look: For Halloween this year, take the incredible opportunity to dress as one of the most dynamic and influential power players in the metro area. Watch everyone swoon in your presence, people line up just to meet you and the crowds beg to be near you.

Requires: You’ll need an incredible smile, a slight but suave beard and… What did you say? I’m in a fantasy world? Oh. Ah, that’s what Halloween’s all about.

Pretty good. I think the only thing he forgot was to add “circa 1995 Haircut” somewhere in the description.

15. Lost Ogle Fan
Buy one of our t-shirts. Wear it.


  1. Dan Murdock : Walk around Remington Park in a suit completely trashed and ask women if they’d like to see your sweet, if they agree immediately flop out one of their boobs and bite it.

    You can make this a deviant litigator group outing and have someone dress up as Mike Gassaway. Just wear nothing but black gym shorts and rub yourself down in olive oil or some form of animal fat. When you start getting drunk at the party tell women if they sleep with you you’ll give them legal advice.

    Clay Bennett : grow 10 inches, get a marine to cut your hair fly out to Seattle and take a steaming dump on anyone you think might be a sonics fan. Bring someone to play Aubry McLendon with you and have him wear a pickensplan.com tshirt.

    Energy tower: This one is easy, “ensconce” yourself in steel and place beams around you. When ever someone asks what you are just spray them with a water out of a hose from your head…or just vomit on them….

    (Bonus points if someone dresses like Devon energy’s new high rise and you two wrestle in the middle of the floor for the rights to Oklahoma’s skyline)

  2. For the Randy Terrill costume, you must walk on your knees.

    If anyone would believe that I were Wanda Jo, I would be one honored person. I hope to be her when I grow up.

    Bless Your Hearts, you tried, but you missed the best costume…try to come up with a mascot costume for the Thunder, and see if people can figure out WTF you are.

  3. OH,for Pete’s sake, come on! Where’s the costume idea for the man himself, Gary England?! You’d need a button up shirt, tie, a desk for pants, and an album book with Gary’s Hot Shots.
    OH OH, how about the 1-800-2 Sell Homes lady. Wear the weirdest outfit you have, carry a small dog, and make random peace symbols with your fingers and offer to buy the person’s house that you are currently partying in.

  4. Hey now… Back in the mid-90’s, they were telling me that my haircut was late 80’s. I figure if I hold out long enough, my whole look will eventually come back into style again.

    Great list, all the same. 😉

  5. I just thought of a good one:

    BIKER FOX!!!

    Shave the top of your head and glue long strands of pubic hair around your ears and on the back of your head. Make sure you wear the most ridiculously gay biker suit you can find, with a picture on it of a the purple teletubby, pee wee herman’s playhouse, or a huge cock. Then find a bike and take large quantities of LSD, shrooms, or some other mind altering drug to get into character. When you show up to some (poor sap’s) party flip over your bike, fall off (shouldn’t be hard) and claim you invented the move. Hit on girls that look like they’re younger than 18 and make love to at least one man.

  6. How about dressing up as Craig Humphries? Dress in a pink Masters shirt, with a Masters hat, carry some advertisements for Mackie McNears and a yellow pad that you constantly write notes on, and put some gauze and fake blood on your colon area. Hmm, I’m glad Craig is better but if I were Mackie I’d have probably stopped running those ads for a while….

  7. We are all overlooking the most obvious costume. Go to your grandmothers house, and tear down all of the drapes, wrap them around you, and loosely pin them. Wear a scarf that doesn’t match, and voila, you are Britten Follet from fox 25, if your grandmother has an animal print themed room this will double as Meg Alexander from KFOR.

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