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Make Jim Traber pay higher taxes…

I think if you have a blog, newspaper or even own a large chain coffee or donut shop, you’re supposed to try and encourage people to vote today.  Since we are lemming conformists, we are going to kind of do the same.

However, we should mention that since Oklahoma is a state that’s overwhelmingly dominated by right wing wedge issue conservative nut jobs (see Inhofe, Jim), that your vote really doesn’t matter.  So if you plan on voting for John McCain, just stay home.  He’ll get plenty of votes and win Oklahoma without you.  So just stay at home, avoid the lines, and enjoy yourself.

But…if you plan on voting for Barack Hussein Obama, just go vote for the giggles.  Jim Traber already mentioned that his taxes will be raised if Obama is elected president, plus Obama is for a college football playoff.  Both those things sound good to me.


  1. After standing in line for over an hour, it has occred to me why many people don’t vote. Kinda makes Okie sense when you have 4 or more weeks advance notice of “heavy voter turnout,” and then act like “Oh, gee, where di ya all come from?”

  2. traber’s worst nightmare is a black president. you should have heard his vein popping out of his forehead rant against obama on monday. i thought his head was going to explode like his colon did. how does this tub of blow hard lard stay on the air? i cant believe he would support a woman vice president. he hates women. i can only quess that he believes, as she does, that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together 6000 years ago. vote obama!

  3. Gee guys, I’m sorry. I voted before I checked your website for instructions. I’m sure if I go back and explain to them that I suffered from premature polling, they’ll let me have a mulligan.

  4. Not only is Traber going to vote for a woman, he’s going to vote for a FORMER FEMALE BASKETBALL PLAYER!!! Hypocrisy!!

    I was hoping you guys would report on Traber’s solicitation from his listeners for ideas on how to generate more carbon in the atmosphere as a way to piss off environmentalists, because he claims the North Pole is refreezing (Shaping the minds!). I dutifully emailed him and reminded him winter was coming. I also suggested he set himself on fire, which would create a most noxious toxic mess, as well as prepare him for hell and delight radio listeners all across this great state.

  5. Traber has a sub-100 IQ. I wouldn’t want him on the same side of issues as I am.

    It’s too bad he’s got a platform to spew his garbage though. Judging by most of the callers-in during his show, I’d say most of them need somebody to think for them.

  6. Remeber, big fella, that Jules has a good job. She’s president of a company. (spit, spit).

    I think she makes the bulk of that $250 K. Not the Ultimate Blowhard.

  7. I’m not sure about Oklahoma, but sure looks like this comment section has been hijacked by those mindless sheep standing with signs on 23rd and Classen.

  8. The best reason to vote today is NOT trying to pull off a historic “blueing” of Oklahoma (afraid our 7 electoral votes were among the first planted in the “firmly McCain” column), it is trying to root out the firmly entrenched embarrassment that is currently taking the proverbial crap all over one of our Senate seats! Unfortunately my Dad cancelled out my vote already so I must rely on you my friends and neighbors to save us!

  9. I can’t believe you guys obsess about Traber when you have lunatics like Mark Shannon poisoning the airwaves of Indian Territory. He’s begging for a blog entry but has yet to be even mentioned on here.

  10. ouredman–sorry you had to be near 23rd and classen–on any day!

    And not to be overly sentimental, but hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died so we can vote. I’m glad I stood in line. I hope my side wins, but I’m mainly just glad for the opportunity.

  11. I’m with you, Grendel. It pisses me off to hear people complaining about having to stand in line to vote. It seems to me like a minor inconvenience to be able to exercise such a valuable right. A lot of voters act like there should be a votemobile that would come to their house or workplace so they wouldn’t have to spend any extra time on the process.

    Sorry, rant over but you got me started.

  12. looks like Jim will pay those higher taxes! History made, too bad Oklahoma will not share in the victory dance…..

  13. sorry outoftowner, i thought the only radio that mark shannon was allowed on is a c.b. when he was briefly on the sports animal someone asked what the macdonald house was and he said thats where all the bald kids live. a couple of weeks later he made light of the students getting killed building the bonfire at texas a&m and finally got fired.

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