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Blake Griffin is not pretty in pink…or in drag.

Maybe it’s a holiday hangover, but for the past couple days I’ve suffered from a severe case of writer’s block. Fortunately for me, the cure (random pictures of Blake Griffin dressed in drag) popped in my inbox yesterday evening.

Yeah, sometimes this blogging stuff can be too easy.

That being said, I was still somewhat hesitant to post pictures of my favorite team’s best player frolicking through a summery field wearing a pink halter top and green skirt. It just seemed like the wrong thing to do. Seriously, I can already picture Clark Matthews and all the agricultural engineering students in Stillwater dressing up like this for a Bedlam game. But then I figured who the f*ck cares, that’s Blake Griffin! Regardless of what the opposing team’s fans wear or say, he’ll still drop 30 and 15 and be the first pick in the NBA draft.

Anyway, these pictures are just awesome. The only thing that could make them better would be if they included Courtney Paris dressed up like a 1920s French bachelor wearing an old gray suit with a thin painted-on mustache and top hat. And those would only be better because they would bring more lesbians to our site. And other than Brent Skarky, who doesn’t like a good lesbian?


  1. so maybe the NBA doesn’t work out, at least he’s got modeling to fall back on. i wonder if jenna plumley five finger discounted that getup for him in the wal-mart girl’s section…

  2. OMG! I don’t know what to say? My man-crush heart is broken! Or..hey..I know that girl! Never lose your sense of humor. I have a feeling you are going to need that advice in the coming days.

  3. Just sent this link to my Dad. A huge BG fan. I hope his sooner brain can withstand what he’s about to see.

  4. 2 questions:

    1) Does it come in poster size for Al Eschbach to hang above his bed?

    2) Is that a real dude he/she is hugging in the 3rd picture?

  5. yeah that’s definitely a real dude in the third picture…i’m that dude! haha it was a magical moment we shared…

  6. So a big guy who happens to play college b-ball put on some girlie clothing. Big whoop. Make fun of him to his face.

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