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We are finally seeing the impact of the OPUBCO layoffs…

Things are getting pretty bad at The Oklahoman.  In fact, things are so bad that they are now counting on their readers to write stories.  Check this out:

What makes Sam Bradford special?

What makes OU’s quarterback special? Do you have any special stories about an interaction with Sam Bradford? Share your stories.

Geeze, remember the good old days when a newspaper would produce its own content?  Now they just ask their readers to share their own stories.

Maybe we should take a cue from The Oklahoman.  What makes Jenni Carlson special?  What makes The Oklahoman‘s female sports columnist special? Do you have any special stories about an interaction with Jenni Carlson? Share your stories.


  1. OPUBCO has been asking their readers to write their own stories long before the layoffs. it started with those dang Mymetro columns. ugh

  2. One day I was going up to the 5th floor at the Oklahoman Building to a meeting to try to save them as an account after they abruptly canceled all work my company was doing and gave us ZERO notice…. but I guess that isn’t what you are interested in, is it?

    Anyway, on about the 2nd floor, the elevator door opens and who walks in? Yep, Jenni Carlson. You couldn’t miss her. I wanted to engage her in conversation but, really, what do you say to Jenni Carlson? “I like the ‘barely legal’ photograph that you use in your columns”? But, I had nothing. So we rode in silence. You know, I have few regrets, but I guess that is one. She got off before me, I think, and I went on to my meeting…. and actually saved the account for a little while.

  3. You remember that time she wrote the really insightful column that showed a deep understanding and appreciation of the game?

    Nah, me neither.

  4. I was really hoping to talk about what makes Mr. Monday special. But if we must discuss Jennie, then my thought of what makes Jennie so special is that she can write horrible articles and still keep her job. Seems pretty special to me…

  5. I had the good fortune to sit behind press-row for the two seasons the Hornets were here, and Ms. Carlson, Mr. Mayberry, and the esteemed Mr. Trammel would usually sit right in front of me. However, my view of the game was often obstructed by the GIGANTIC, HUGE, CHIP that Ms. Carlson seems to have on her shoulder!! So you are a female sports writer, we get it. In the famous words of Miley Cyrus, “build a bridge…and get OVER it!” That was just my impression though. My husband thinks she’s hot.

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