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Poll: Best Vintage Oklahoma City Commercial

Yesterday, one of our readers made my day by informing us he had put a plethora of old Paul Meade Insurance commercials on youtube.  I guess I owe him some Kerr-McGee paraphernalia.

Anyway, this new wealth of old school Oklahoma television got me to thinking.  What is the best vintage Oklahoma City Commercial online?  I culled YouTube for the best available and after the jump you can view them and vote on which deserves the title.  Also, if you have found a better one, let us know about it in the comment section.

Paul Meade Insurance

Something has occured to me recently that didn’t cross my mind watching these commercials as a little kid.  This Paul Meade dude was making some bank back in the eighties.  Think about it.  These commercials ran constantly which means he was investing some serious coin into local advertising.  Then, the production value on the multitude of commercials his firm put out were better than 99% of local ads even now.  And most of them are animated.  Back then, there was no computer animation, so some artists were sinking a ton of hours into making that crude Tall Paul guy move.  Keep in mind he had to be serving just the 405 because he obviously wasn’t pimping an 800 number.

Worth every penny!


Sure, Linda Soundtrak was the most annoying pitch person alive at a time when being an annoying pitch person was an artform.  But don’t you miss her?

B.C. Clark

There’s an internet rumor, which I’m starting right now, that the kid singing at the three second mark is Tony, our former editor.

Ruby’s Produce

I’m not sure what happened to Ruby’s produce.  Odds are it was run out of business by that monolithic corporate behemouth that is OSU-OKC.  Or maybe the Edmond Farmer’s Market.  But for a place that looks like it spent no more on it’s store front than one of those hut shops in Mozambique, they came up with a pretty good jingle.

Epperson Photo/Video

As opposed to Linda Soundtrack’s yelping, Tall Paul’s animation, or B.C. Clark’s jingle, the Epperson’s were straight to the point, and true to their cue cards.

Also, you have to love seeing what the state of the art camcorders they were shilling back then looked like.  I’m pretty sure the digital handy cam I record the ClarkPupp’s adventures with could fit into the tape bin of that Sony.


It’s the spirit…the Oklahoma spirit…It’s the spirit of Ok-la-ho-ma, Teeee Veeee Nine!  I almost disqualified this one because it features a young Gary England ruling the world back in the eighties.

Which is the best vintage Oklahoma City commercial currently on YouTube

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  1. If I remember correctly wasn’t Soundtrack and Sound Warehouse two different places? Soundtrack carried VCR’s and bulky TV’s while Sound Warehouse carried Whitesnake cassettes and Madonna posters.

  2. I didn’t grow up here, so thanks for showing me what I missed. I would have gladly traded you “Wanda the Princess of Tile” and “Becky the Queen of Carpet” for your Paul Meade insurance. (Matter of fact, I’d still be happy if you took them now!)

  3. Was it Chuckhouse or Del Rancho that advertised the best steak sandwich in the universe? How did they know? Because the little kid dressed as a martian told them.

  4. Does anybody remember the appliance store in Shawnee that had the goofballs lip syncing the Dire Straits tune, Money for Nothing? As a followup, they actually sang a Springsteen ripoff, “Born to sell RCA…”

  5. The Lost Ogle is the new spirit of Oklahoma. I Love it!

    Paul Meade Insurance actually caused more accidents in my family. My brother and I would get on each others shoulders and wear a trench coat and acowboy hat and pretend to be Tall Paul. He must have fallen a dozen times on his head.

    FYI The B.C. Clark ad has the distinction of showing a busy, lively crowd at Northpark Mall(!) in the background, as well as a diverse group you would be hard pressed to find now, unless they’re mall walking with Grammy or watching Wall-E for 50 cents.

  6. ELOjo- You must have grown up in Saint Louis. That Becky chick is still floating around on her damn carpet and sitting on the top of the Arch in her commercials. She is almost as annoying as Linda Soundtrack was.

    Thanks Clark for the nostalgic trip down memory lane. I had totally forgotten about Linda Soundtrack. Now it will take another couple of decades to get the sound of her voice out of my head again.

  7. I can’t believe you left off Oklahoma Discount Furniture. I mean, they almost made me want to buy a futon or sofabed…twice.

  8. I’m glad you corrected the Soundtrak/Sound Warehouse error. That was bothering me. I lived near Sound Warehouse and spent many hours browsing cassette tapes and renting 80s B horror movies there. I also met the kid from Gremlins there…he was in town filming a TV movie about teenage suicide entitled Surviving or Survival or something…theres another subject for you.

  9. My husband grew up north of Tulsa, so he missed out on all these great commercials. The other day, we drove by Paul Meade Insurance over on Classen, and I started singing their jingle. He’d never heard it before. It’s strangely sad that some Oklahomans totally missed out on these.

    I remember the Southwest Ford commercials: “That’s incredible!” “No, that’s Southwest Ford!” Didn’t the spokesman have a monkey in the commercial with him?

    And, for the first time in 20 years, that cursed Spirit of Oklahoma song will be stuck in my head again. Thanks, TLO!

  10. The famous Del Rancho “It’s his sandwich” commercial is over 35 years old now. They are so cheap they will not do another one. The source of the parody – Schlitz Malt Liquor with pitchman James Coburn – has been completely forgotten.

    Musician Mike Hosty tells the tale well with his hilarious song “Steak Sandwich Supreme”.

  11. Oh my god, y’all! I don’t believe you don’t have that gal that says “But I have a brilliant personality” on here. That commercial is positively ancient. Of course who could forget that ad for The Bust Stop? It had sing-along lyrics like “if your fronts have been a saggin’ come on in and we will bag ’em, you’ll walk out a-braggin’ come to us. Bust Stop!” and my favourite “jump a rope but if you try you might just black your eye, don’t just sit and cry come to us. Bust Stop!”

  12. Express Personnel was good. “jbjbjbjbjbjbjbjbbababababa i got a job nananana Express Personnel…”

  13. Ok, I couldn’t find it online, but I gotta say somebody somewhere needs to post one of those Alan Merrill Chevrolet commercials. I can still hear him saying “The Meskican market isth fthlooded…” When I think of all the Monte Carlos he put out there, I get a tear in my eye…

  14. I can’t believe that this has been left off the list! I have verified that it is on YouTube and therefore I believe in my heart of hearts that Molly Murphy’s – House of Fine Repute! should be a late entry to this little contest.

    Long live the Jaguar salad bar and Mickey Rat!

  15. I can’t believe Trust House Jewelers did’nt make it with their
    fabulous motion ring commercials…I remember they used to sponsor a movie and plaster themselves on every break…hilarious stuff….

  16. The Paul Meade insurance commercials are definitely the best. I used ot love those damn commercials so much when I was a kid. It was like watching a cool 30 second western puppet show.

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