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Apparently, the state’s “Most Trusted News” doesn’t want you to know that Aubrey McClendon is selling booze…

Last week, we linked to a post at the Wall Street Journal that reported Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon is allegedly selling a portion of his gazillion-dollar wine collection. We found the story through a post by Don Mecoy at the NewsOK.com Business Blog.

For some reason, though, the post by Mecoy is no longer online.  It appears that it’s been mysteriously removed from NewsOk.com. However, thanks to Google cache you can still see the post. Here it is:

Hmmn. I wonder why the post was removed? The Wall Street Journal’s story is still up, so I assume the report about McClendon is accurate. And it’s not like Don Mecoy wrote anything bad or libelous. In fact, it was a pretty soft piece that just stated the facts and was void of any biting commentary.

It kind of makes you wonder if The Oklahoman was pressured by Aubrey McClendon (or his friend Clay Bennett) to remove the post. If that’s the case, is that the behavior and policy you would expect from a publication that claims to be “state’s most trusted news?” Something tells me a “trusted” new organization would stand by a story that reflects the (deteriorating?) wealth of one of our state’s wealthiest citizens, regardless of who he happens to be friends or business partners with.

In my opinion, this is just more proof that you can’t really trust The Oklahoman. Aubrey McClendon could force a group of imprisoned midget rowers to tend to his indulgent wine collection and The Oklahoman would probably just write a story about everything he has done for midgets and the rowing community. It could be raining the day of the OPUBOC employee picnic and The Oklahoman would probably change the weather report to “Sunny and Beautiful” just to get more people to show up.   And they would do all that because they not only like to report the news, but control it, too.

That state’s most trusted news?  Whatever.


  1. It’s reporting actual [alleged?] news like this that threatens to legitimize this poor little site. Try to keep the bar (and the expectations) a little lower, ladies.

  2. It must be bad when you have to sell off 94% of your shares to pay back margin loans. McClendon’s biz plan for CHK works great when prices are high or going up because it’s always easy to pay back the debt on which the company operates. However, when the prices go down, there goes his ownership and wine collection, and who knows what else in the future. Don’t worry, Aubrey is still one of the highest paid CEOs in America. http://www.forbes.com/lists/2007/12/lead_07ceos_Aubrey-K-McClendon_MSFH.html

  3. Don’t let up on that jackboot, Ogles. Let’s see if you can get a Pulitzer before opubco just ends up paying for one. I see there’s an award for fiction, but it requires “distinction” as a requirement. I wonder if the Pulitzer board will accept Andy Williams tickets.

  4. i’m not surprised, considering that the oklahoman has become more like Friday, only doing stories about people who advertise.

  5. My long held (well not that long since I’ve only been here 5 years)belief is that crap that gets delivered daily as news should contain a disclaimer – “Assume all information provided has been filtered and is for entertainment purposes only” ….. oh and “Store circulars, making up 85% of the Sunday print, should be considered reliable”.

  6. Being the best news source in Oklahoma is like losing your virginity to a hooker. It may have have really happened, but every day, you just feel a little bit sleazier about it.

  7. Having spent a number of years with opubco and personally sitting in meetings as it related to news coverage conflicting with big advertisers I can say without hesitation removing this story was no accident. They are acutely aware of the chesapeakes, devons and og&es of the world when it relates to what to report, or not report. News stories are commonly nothing more than a press releases. The blurred lines are crystal clear these days. Don’t piss of our advertisers minimum wage reporters.

  8. All news organization practices “prior restraint” or in this case “post restraint” when it comes to advertisers. This is common practice in television news and radio. News organizations will often censor negative news about major sponsors/advertisers unless the story is so big and serious that it has to be published due to the scale and seriousness of the report. It’s crap that news organizations do this, but it’s nothing new. This has been practiced practically the day the linotype was put to widespread use.

    Welcome to Journalism people. News is a business first and foremost. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either is fooling themselves or is a fresh college graduate.

  9. The smartest thing Aubrey McClendon did was design all the buildings in Chesapeake Manor so that they could easily be converted to apartment buildings when they go bust.

  10. Not sure where you worked, Tinseltop, but when I worked for Harris, the editors actively discouraged us from even thinking about such things. Not every news organization is made up of cheap whores.

  11. I love Oklahoma and I love Oklahomans, but the average Oklahman’s willingness to be duped by that pitiful excuse for a newspaper is just…. depressing.

  12. I have felt for a long time now that McClendon was “playing with Monopoly money” when he used his windfall profits on natural gas to pay two and three times the market value for real estate all over the north side. But it only occurred to me the other day that the buildings in Chesapeake-ville actually resemble the hotels in the game Monopoly. Does McClendon walk around campus in a black top hat? Is there a Marvin Gardens? Does everybody fight for the dog and the last person has to take the shoe, or worse yet, the thimble?

  13. the best piece of journalism to come out of Oklahoman is the comic section in the sunday paper. that Dilbert is a riot…

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