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Ogle Madness II: Midwest Region, Upper Bracket!


First of all, instead of posting our Ogle Madness logo with every post, I thought it would be fun to show pictures of people celebrating Ogle Madness.  Today’s picture is of Taylor Griffin, Alex Brown and some former moderately average and/or bad former OU basketball players.  They love Ogle Madness, and are rooting for Blake to go all the way.  If you have a picture you would like to send us of you, your friends or random “celebrities” celebrating Ogle Madness, send them to us at thelostogle at gmail dot com. If you would like to send a t-shirt to Alex Brown, send it to the OU athletic office.

Anyway, today’s match-ups come from the top half of the Midwest Region.  They will be played at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher.

“¢ (1) Sam Bradford vs. (16) Elyse Downs
“¢ (8) Dean Blevins vs. (9) Patrick
“¢ (4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Sally Kern
“¢ (5) Berry Tramel vs. (12) Lee Symcox

Voting ends at midnight.  Vote after the jump.

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (16) Elyse Downs


About Sam Bradford :

Conference: Heisman Heroes

Who he is: Quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Being the quarterback of the University of Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Saying Sooner

About Elyse Downs:

How she got here: Defeated Brianna DeCassios 191-154 in the Play-in Game

Conference: Annoying Sorority Girls

Who she is: The girl who “made it snow” and was willing to sweep the floor.

Biggest Strength: She will do whatever it takes to be an Alpha Chi.

Biggest Weakness: Executing basic sorority pranks.

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (16) Elyse Downs

  • (1) Sam Bradford (70%, 268 Votes)
  • (16) Elyse Downs (31%, 117 Votes)

Total Voters: 383

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(8) Dean Blevins vs. (9) Patrick

About Dean Blevins:

Conference: Sports Anchors of Oklahoma City

Who he is: Former OU Quarterback and sports director of KWTV 9

Biggest Strength: Percentages

Biggest Weakness: Holding it in.

About Patrick:

Conference: The Mighty Ogles

Who he is: Founder and managing editor of this website

Biggest Strengths: Incredibly handsome, articulate and debonair.

Biggest Weakness: A bit of a perfectionist, works a little too hard.

(8) Dean Blevins vs. (9) Patrick

  • (9) Patrick (61%, 235 Votes)
  • (8) Dean Blevins (39%, 150 Votes)

Total Voters: 383

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(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Sally Kern

About Mike Gundy:

Conference: YouTube Stars

Who he is: Head coach of the Oklahoma State football team

Biggest Strength: Restraint.  Calling offensive plays.

Biggest Weakness: Paying any attention, whatsoever, to the defense.

About Sally Kern :

Conference: Kernservatives

Who she is: Homophobic state representative who managed to spread her Christian message of love by expressing bigoted hatred when she called homosexuality a greater threat to the United States than terrorism or Islam.

Biggest Strength: Restraint.

Biggest Weakness: Returning phone calls

(4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Sally Kern

  • (4) Mike Gundy (79%, 297 Votes)
  • (13) Sally Kern (22%, 83 Votes)

Total Voters: 378

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(5) Berry Tramel vs. (12) Lee Symcox

About Berry Tramel:


Conference: Sports Writers of Oklahoma

Who he is: Sports Columnist and Blogger for The Oklahoman

Biggest Strength: Writing folksy sport columns

Biggest Weakness: He hired Jenni Carlson

About Lee Symcox:


Conference: Sponsors

Who he is: CEO of First Fidelity Bank

Biggest Strength: Encyclopedic knowledge of The Flaming Lips

Biggest Weakness: Ad placement

(5) Berry Tramel vs. (12) Lee Symcox (12)

  • (12) Lee Symcox (61%, 245 Votes)
  • (5) Berry Tramel (40%, 161 Votes)

Total Voters: 404

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  1. I’m seriously beginning to wonder about you guys and your obsession with half-naked pictures of the Griffin brothers.

  2. Tough matchup–GayBasher v. GelBrain.

    Nice to include Alex Brown, a middle aged white guy in the beach pic. If not for the glasses and the safeway chicken white bod, we wouldn’t know he’s not a player.

  3. Man, there are some bad matchups in this round. A suit gets to advance due to the matchup with Berry, and Gumby gets to make the second round? It’s true, it’s really about the matchups at tournament time.

  4. For a moment, I thought that Van Shae Ivan was in the picture with Taylor, then I realized it was Alex Brown.

  5. __”Clark Matthews
    Mar 11th, 2009 at 7:00 am

    This one is for the ladies. Today’s other article is for the dudes. We’re equal opportunity here.”__

    Hmmm…OK. How about some variety, though? Maybe Toby Keith in a speedo next week.

  6. Alex Borwn a “middle aged” white guy?

    Looks more like a boderline senior citizen in that pic to me…

  7. Looks like Deano over-looked Patrick in the first round. Barring anything crazy, how’re you feeling about going up against the juggernaut that is Sam Bradford in round two? Remember, did we quit when the German’s bomb Pearl Harbor? NO!

    That’s my pep talk.

  8. I would vote for Patrick before I would vote would Bradford.
    Mainly because the first name Sam just sucks.

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