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Kristin Chenoweth is a proud champion…


Apparently, Kristen Chenoweth was pretty excited that she won Ogle Madness II.  In fact, she was so excited that she flew to Oklahoma to accept this special Ogle Madness Championship Certificate at the News 9 studios.  The certificate was presented by Honorary Ogle Randy Cassimus.   According to Toby Rowland, Randy illegally cast 847 votes for Kristin in the tournament.  That’s an Ogle Madness record.

Anyway, I know what you’re probably thinking…why didn’t we present the certificate ourselves?   One word: Integrity.  At The Lost Ogle, we value integrity over anything else, and we don’t want to compromise it by mingling and schmoozing with the celebrities we have to seed in next year’s tournament.  In addition to that, I already had lunch scheduled with European models and Clark Matthews had promised to teach a youngster piano lessons on the old fire organ from the Omniplex.  See what I mean, we don’t break plans.  That’s some integrity for you.


  1. Ok, I’ve met Kristin Chenoweth in person and she is as nice as she is hot. That said, the above photo is one of the scariest photos of her. Suffering from old lady neck.

    She needs to stay in Oklahoma for a few weeks and and plump up with some BWW, Ron’s, and Del Rancho.

  2. she looks awful in that picture. i’d rather bone the bodybuilder dude in the story from the previous day…

  3. It looks like she was caught laughing hysterically, causing the skin around her face to shrink.

    I demand a retake of Kristin,… in a bikini.

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