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Ready for those terrible twos…

On Sunday, May 13, 2007, The Lost Ogle was born in a spare bedroom in the back of my house.  The following day, we had a total of 13 visits.  I think 12 of them came from either me, Tony or Clark Matthews.  We’re still not sure who the final visit came from, but we think it came from the guy who operates the Blog Oklahoma Web Ring.

Anyway, we’ve come pretty far since those first ultra obscure days, and overall, we’re pretty happy with this “obscure local social blog” that we’ve somehow built.  Thanks to all of our readers, commenters, and supporters for helping make this site what it is, and thanks for taking the time every day, week or month to stop by and read what we have to write.

Also, thanks to the Mommy Bloggers for voting for us to win awards later this year.  And thanks to Blythe, one of the first bloggers who linked to us, for giving us a timely birthday present and finally posting those semi-nude pictures of her friends playing Twister. We owe you one.


  1. aw. you shouldn’t have. my traffic’s now actually at -13. however, there will certainly be a moderate spike of maybe +2 today. and maybe a few comments, mostly stating how much i suck. which, in all fairness, isn’t entirely untrue.

    happy b-day kids! party at braums!

  2. Happy TLO B-Day. Now that you’re two, you will need to answer all message posts with “no” over and over for about 6 weeks to 3 months.

  3. I just want to know if you clicked on your own page to take the RealAge test? Just how old IS TLO?

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