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Al Eschbach is a good dribbler…

If you’re still a bit upset that the Thunder lost the Blake Griffin sweepstakes last night, check out this video. It should make you feel better.

On a positive note, at least Al wasn’t wearing swim trunks. That being said, tiny white shorts aren’t too much better.

Anyway, that’s what I call a great vintage commercial. The Thunder should recreate it immediately, but instead of digging up the Kamber lady, they should sub her with Joan Gilmore from the Journal Record. For good measure, they should also try to get Jim Traber to chase someone with a baseball bat. I know that a commercial like that would get me to order season tickets immediately.


  1. When I saw the title of this post I thought it would be about Al “dribbling” when he ate pickles at Luby’s. Needless to say I was disappointed to find it was about him playing basketball.

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of hooping with Al in the past and I can honestly say he’s as good as advertised.

  3. I would replace her with Jenni Carlson in spandex but thats just me. And I went to a few Calvary games and there was no way in hell that Rosen was 8’2″. I was about 14 at the time and would have noticed some freakishly tall guy other than the players that were playing.

  4. And with that being said I remember when Manute Bol played with the Florida Beachdogs and they played here and I think that is the tallest and darkest dude I have ever seen and he was anorexic skinny as well. And I will say “Your Welcome” in advance to everyone for your Manute Bol history lesson for today.

  5. Are you a midget as well Chad? If you got a bow to the chops from AL you must be a midget \ for him to reach you.

  6. Rosen was a very average 6’8. This is the same Rosen that boldly predicted Lebron James would be an average NBA player at best.

  7. Ah, memories — I actually edited this spot, along with a few others for Bob Hammack and Alan Atkins in the “Eschbach vs. Kamber” series. She was a great sport.

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