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All that and a box of chips…


By now you’ve probably read or talked or tweeted about this.  If not, go steal a bologna sandwich or something.

From The Smoking Gun:

Meet Lahoma Sue Smith.  The Oklahoma woman, 36, copped a plea last week to a prostitution charge for accepting a box of Frito-Lay chips in exchange for oral sex. According to the below Oklahoma City Police Department report, john Faron Jonhson[sic] told cops that he informed Smith that he did not have any money, but that she “agreed to give him a ‘blow job’ meaning oral sex, for a box of chips.”  Johnson, a Frito-Lay employee, provided Smith with a case of chips he valued at $30.

We kind of  asked this rhetorical question in a Tweet earlier yesterday, but I wonder what would have happened if the guy offered Lahoma some Hormel chili, cheddar cheese and diced onions?  Do you think he would have hit a home run?

Anyway, somehow this news has caused a minor controversy.  Apparently, some people don’t like the fact that the prostitute was arrested, yet the one who used her…uhm..services got away without charges.  They tend to think it’s a double standard.  From the Joke:

A police spokesman said the man (Faron Johnson) was not arrested based on “officer discretion.”

I have a theory as to how he got out of being charged.  Lets see, the guy just gave the women in the picture above a box of chips for a blow job.  Knowing that, imagine how many chips he would give away to avoid jail time!  If I were a betting man, I’d say that there’s a good chance that some OKCPD cop offered to bring some Fritos and Wavy Lays to next weekend’s 4th of July cookout.

Also, let me go ahead and say that I don’t think either individual should have gotten in trouble.  If you think about it, all they did was enter into a verbal agreement where the guy promised to provide food in return for some sexual favors.  Normal people do that all the time, only we call it “dating.”  Granted, my personal experiences tell me that South Robinson isn’t the place to take these dates “” and that man/woman verbal agreements usually call for alcohol and the food to come from places like The Mantel, Charleston’s or even my kitchen””but food is food, whether it’s steak, sea bass or a Cool Ranch Dorito is simply semantics.


  1. Man, what was he thinking? Those chips would come in handy if you’re hiking in Appalachia.

  2. Heaven forbid 2 consenting adults agree to an exchange of goods and services without the government’s intervention.

    this takes place all of the time. how many times do husbands do something in particular, in exchange for getting blown by their wives or girlfriends? hell, every time my wife needs me to reach for something off of the top shelf, i at least try to barter! that’s why our house has no step ladders…

    i wonder what she would’ve done for the chili & sour cream needed to complete her frito-chili pie?

  3. Clark’s right. Either way, she was getting a box of chips that afternoon. Also, thanks @paul00ok for showing me that msnbc has a sense of humor all the sudden. Crazy!

  4. Who would’ve guessed… with the Thunder and all of the city improvements, the biggest draw to Oklahoma turns out to be the opportunity to get some for a bag of chips.

  5. @Patrick yeah, guess i hinted at the same thing. for a bag of Fritos, I can find someone to make it up to you.

  6. She so got ripped off. Should have gotten $30 on an Access card instead – Get whatever the hell you want, even non frito lay crap.

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