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I want to get drunk with Bob Przybylo

Call me crazy, but am I the only one who thinks it would be fun to get drunk with Bob Przybylo?  Granted, the only reason I would want to do this is so I can say that I got drunk with Bob Przybylo, but it would be fun to watch him stumble around Sipango in his brown sports jacket and creepily gaze at girls at the pin pong table.   I wonder if Bob would talk to them, and if he did, if he would share with them his knowledge of the Edmond area, and in particular, Edmond North High School.

Seriously, though, how’d they pick Bob Przybylo to cover high school sports?  With a name like Bob Przybylo he should definitely be covering the crime beat.  Also, Bob kind of looks like he shouldn’t be allowed within 300 feet of a high school, much less interviewing players in the locker room.

Anyway, we’re definitely going to enjoy watching Bob Przybylo videos for the rest of the high school football season.  Maybe we’ll call them “Fridays with Bob” or just “Przybylo on the Prowl.”  Whatever we call it, I’m sure it will be fun.

UPDATE: Per a reader comment, we have learned that Przybylo’s nickname is “Boneman.” I am alarmed, scared and amused all at the same time.


  1. Something is creepy about adults that are into high school football.

    Oh, something exciting next week… Perhaps they will create a twitter hash tag for HS football talk, yipee.

  2. I worked with Bob at the Shawnee News Star. While I haven’t gotten drunk with him, he is a cool dude that knows entirely too much about boxing.

  3. He looks more like an IT guy than a dashing sports reporter. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…) I wonder if he’ll carpool to the games with Van Shay Iven?

  4. Sorry to disappoint, but Robert is a good guy. There are far more creepy people at OPubco than him, but I can understand if you’re tired of writing about Steve Lackmeyer.

  5. Sweet baby Jesus. How can they talk to these people and THEN think: “Hey, these people are socially awkward and communicate best with the written word. Let’s do a video Q&A session.”

    But he still does not hold a candle to Brandon Chatmon.

  6. If you are trying to make a statement as to his character I think you do need to say more. You can’t just make any statement and then add “need I say more” and expect that to make any sense. Watch: “puckchk just made a comment above mine, need I say more?” See that doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  7. @matthew
    I think puckchk is implying that Bob is “ghey” because he followed our already forgotten OKC Blazers. However, I am confused because a screen name of “puckchk” means to me his is a SUPPORTER of all things “puck” and would thus have also been a OKC Blazer supporter, or he is a wood sprite that lives in “Aubreyland” otherwise know as the CHK campus!!

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    And YES–girlballer means I am a girl and I play ball. See how easy this is? (Of course, you can also take it to mean that I don’t mind reading 6,000 word essays about NBA basketball and the Thunder specifically…..)

  8. Maybe Bob has better things to do than get drunk with you, Patrick. He works about 60-70 hours a week (without getting paid for most of them) and writes reponsible articles, not smart-assed attacks on innocent people like you do. If you want to have drinking buddies that pretend to enjoy your sharp wit, I am sure there is some lovely lady on South Robinson who would be thrilled to spend a few minutes with you (for a price). Obviously you don’t know Bob, just as you don’t know Jack sh!t.

  9. WOW! Anyone else think karenb is the same person as Gretchen79 from the ThunderGirl debate? Easy on that 2 o’clock “treat receipt” from Starbucks friend….

  10. To Girlballer: I don’t know who Gretchen79 is, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in any kind of debate over ThunderGirls. I DO know who Bob is, though. It is quite obvious that Patrick doesn’t, sadly to say.

  11. Don’t worry, Patrick — if I can make myself worth keeping around, you’ll always have a drinking buddy. As with Bob though, I can’t guarantee that both hands will always be visible.

  12. Wow! I have never seen the comment board rise up as one and give somebody a pass. We seem to have judged Bob Pryzbylo innocent until proven guilty.

  13. wow,ok,i’ll make things more clear…Bob used to cover the Blazers….well ,see now,they are GONE so he needs a JOB!! i guess he’s stuck with high school sports.At least that is taken more seriously around here than hockey ever was.

    as far as screen name,obviously,(or maybe not too some)i love hockey…”chk” would be shorthand for chick….need I say more?? 😉 lol

  14. Good call Eliot, he does look like that guy you provided a link to. Puckchk, I believe he covered the blazers because he works for opubco, just like how he is covering high school football now because he works for them. I know Bob and he is a great guy. Sure he mistakenly kept his other hand off of the desk for the first few minutes, but as far as I know, this is the first time he has ever been in front of the camera professionally. I thought he did a good job and I look forward to seeing him more on this site.

  15. Haven’t you guys pretty much made fun of everyone in the metro by now? Jeesh…

    As for the Blazers, Pryzbylo was an absolute God-send after the Bob Hersom era. At least Bob (Pryzbylo) acted like he was a fan of the sport.

  16. any public figure in OK is fair game at TLO, and it’s funny when they make fun of anyone and everyone. and you can’t come to defense of anyone in the media! anyone who is on TV is a full on narcissist who gets off on attention and mild publicity. TV news people are those who weren’t smart enough to write for print and too lazy to get take the time to learn how to run things behind the camera.

    the only thing worse than a TV news anchor or an on-the-spot reporter is someone who actually comes to their defense when they are ridiculed.

    they need to cut the tension with some more pics of Oklahoma girls in bikinis. that usually changes the mood around here.

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