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More proof that Tom Coburn is a nut…

The video clip below is from a recent appearance Senator Tom Coburn made on “Meet the Press.”  When you watch it, be sure to note how quickly he distances himself from people who want to use violence and terrorism to overthrow the government.  You know, people that can be compared to Tim McVeigh.

I don’t know what type of rock I live under, but it must be a big one, because I really wasn’t aware of this video until reading OkieFunk on Sunday.  Doc Hoc, as always, covers the topic well.  Here’s an interesting point he made:

(1) Coburn will probably easily win re-election in 2010, but that will only be because the corporate media here acts irresponsibly by not covering controversies like this one thoroughly. By not giving this story coverage and by refusing to hold Coburn accountable, the local corporate media shows again it cannot be trusted. If any violence occurs at upcoming political events, both Coburn and the corporate media here will be partially to blame. Does The Oklahoman really support the political belief system of Timothy McVeigh?

We know the Oklahoman is biased and prejudiced and all that good stuff, but how did they not cover this story?  Basically, an Oklahoma Senator went out of his way to not discredit right wing wackos that were being compared to Tim McVeigh.  Hell, he almost made it appear that he supports such people.  You think that would be news, right?

Well, not in the Oklahoman.  To be the target of negative press in “the state’s most trusted news,” it seems that you either have to work for Feed the Children, die in a car wreck or make one of the editorial writers mad.  Seriously, Coburn could be spotted wearing a longhorns hat and snorting cocaine in a Turkish bath in Austin and the Oklahoman wouldn’t report it.  And if they did, they probably just write a story lauding him for doing whatever it takes to understand why American’s hate health care reform, trial lawyers and environmentalists.

Anyway, one news organization did take notice of Coburn’s remarks.  Granted, that news organization is located 1,500 miles from Oklahoma, but it’s better than nothing.  Maybe it will force our local media to do some reporting and let the local public know how insane this guy, and then maybe as a result, Oklahoma voters will elect a different yahoo republican to take his place.  That would be nice, because then we’d have a new person to ridicule.


  1. WOW! I don’t know how to even begin responding to this… maybe the Tree of Liberty could be watered with the blood of armadillos?

  2. There’s no way to spin it. Not only was did he not immediately condemn gun-toting nutjobs (which is the only appropriate response) but his virtual non-answer is a thinly veiled justification for it.


  3. In the short clip when they panned to Rachel Maddow it looked like she was in a state of shock that Coburn didn’t condemn violence against the government and was ignoring the reference to McVeigh.

  4. the cut to rachel was priceless – mouth open in disbelief. she was all… ‘this guy scares me’ and ‘is he really sporting a feather haircut’ and ‘i wonder if he’s packing heat’ and…

  5. I’m assuming you’re aware of the C Street Scandal? Do you watch Maddow? You must google and oogle the transcripts. Coburn lives at C Street, which is run by a highly secretive Christian group called The Family. Thankfully, a Conservative Christian Magazine, WORLD, did a recent expose on the C Street. I heard it put this way: the right cutting off a branch to save itself. Without a doubt, the biggest investigative report on this group from the Religious Right should make heads roll.

    And, what is most important to note is that Christ never advocated the secrecy of groups for the advancement of the powerful. I’m convinced if Oklahoma’s Christians better understood the teachings of Jesus they would not re-elect Coburn in 2010.

  6. How come when Muslim terrorists kill 3000 people in one day, the questions everyone asks are “Why do they hate us? What did we do to cause this?”

    Yet when citizens dare to question their Congressional “betters” in an open forum, the same people fail to ask the same questions? If these people are really “terrorists”, then be consistent and questioin why they’re so disgruntled.

    It’s a good question, ‘why have people lost faith in their government’?

    Too bad the meddlers, both on the left and the morality legislating bible thumpers on the right won’t look in the mirror when they ask it.

  7. Thanks for the mention in Oklahoma City’s best blog. I think the post makes a great point about The Oklahoman and Coburn. I like the image of Coburn in Austin …ha. That’s how I’m going picture him now. The Oklahoman, of course, can support whoever it wants politically, but it loses credibility when it doesn’t put the journalistic spotlight on state politicians who create national controversy.

  8. I’m taking down some notes after watching the rest of that segment. What I learned:

    Comparing Obama to Hitler=NOT OK
    Comparing Bush to Hitler=OK

    Got it…

  9. I think it was obvious that he was talking about the root of these people complaining, not validating their extremism. He used the term genesis even. He didn’t say these people are crazy because it is obvious to anyone with half a brain. This is a real reach just to slag a guy who has plenty of things to disagree about. The moderator was taking a shot at him, and he didn’t take it lying down.

    It looks like to me that the panel was trying to shoehorn Coburn into a situtaion where he was supporting McVeigh if he was for change in government. McVeigh was certifiable, but everyone, I don’t care what side you are, wants less government involvement in their life which is something he happened to believe in. It’s like saying Hitler liked Beer so Beer kills Jews. This is why no one likes politics, it’s either death panels or Fahrenheit 9-11 slants and never just truth.

    Adding something as country altering as government regulated (or mandated or free, et all healthcare should not be jammed through as quick as possible. That’s comon sense…

  10. I’m somewhat shocked that any would be surprised about this at all. ALL that Coburn cares about is the shrinking of the federal government and spending… that’s it NOTHING ELSE. He’s completely alienated his own party in doing so. If you ever listen to his talking points it’s all about the budget once again NOTHING ELSE. I can’t stand him simply because his views are so narrow but, admire him very much for his fiscal responsibility.

    I think that this post completely missed the backboard and knocked some fan out in the stands. I’m a registered DEM because I’m too lazy to change to IND. I pretty sure I will go ahead and change. To distance myself from the crazies searching for the crazies. The reason no other media outlet reported except for one is that there is no story. ANYONE who follows politics would have known this, unless your looking for something that isn’t there.

  11. Dude, he pretty much said that he could understand why violence against the government would be considered at this point. He was asked point blank about a specific incident and how he felt about it, and he justified violent behavior and threats. You don’t have to dig very deep at all to see that.

    Side note, Rachel Maddow is hot.

  12. wow. This is basically just incredible, and it makes me feel ill.

    On a side note, I registered mainly to comment on Maddow’s face: utter disbelief.

    Also Patrick, well done on getting the Traber-shout-out today. And I agree: Traber has been particularly insane lately. With all of the building Collison/Simmons/Seattle/DailyThunder.com tension, it’s shapin’ up to be one very yardbirdy week.

  13. @sarah your right further proving my point all he cares about is shrinking the budget.I’m pretty sure if someone told him the world was on fire he would undoubtedly reference the nation’s debt for a reason. COBURN is an absolute nut about our national debt. He’s proven it time and time again, this is not a first. More like 99 Luft Balloons. ONCE AGAIN! No story. Your right @Sarah, you don’t have to dig deep… just look up. FYI Maddow is a total lez so good luck w/that!

  14. @Flow. You’d like to draw parallels between this and 9/11? OK. Let’s run with that, say they deserve equal response, and draw all logical conclusions. The next step you’d advocate then is that war is declared against these nutjobs and the armed forces deployed to wipe them out.

    The rhetoric about the “American people” expressing themselves through these nutjobs is ludicrous. You want to really talk about the truth behind this crap? Let’s do it. Let’s talk about the real reasons white right-wing fringe elements are literally up in arms. Then let’s talk about the real reasons Republicans won’t condemn it.

  15. Sen. Coburn may or may not be a nut, but I agree it’s hard to see him as the best person for this job.

    Doc Hoc, of course, is wrong — Coburn’s re-election, if it happens, will not be *only* because local media “acts irresponsibly” and “fails to cover controversies like this one thoroughly.” It will probably owe a great deal more to the fact that my party will nominate a complete unknown (like Andrew Rice) or run a botched campaign (like Brad Carson’s) or both. jenx67 is much closer to the mark when she asks for the OK Dems’ next Synar or Boren to make himself or herself known.

    Effective campaigns by principled candidates have not been a regular feature of my party recently. I suspect that unless the state party organization shows some signal it can effectively raise funds and compete against a GOP that will put some serious weight behind keeping Dr. Coburn, even the popular and proven successful Gov. Henry might wait awhile to run.

  16. Yesterday @ noon CNN ran a clip from Senator Coburn’s health care “town hall” meeting where a tearful constituant stood up and asked him how could he help her care for her terminally ill husband with a feeding who had used up all his benefit dollars under his health insurance plan. To his credit, he first said my office will personally look into it an try to help, but then he went on to basically say that her neighbors and church should pitch in an help her, that it was wrong to think that that was the responsibility of government!

    I thought protecting our citizens “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” WAS what government is supposed to do?!?!

  17. @Pwyll

    Listening to the rest of the segment I learned that Dick Armey is a dick. The one Bush/Hitler comparison he cited (and attributed to MoveOn.org) was a controversial competition entry that MoveOn quickly removed from their site and clearly disavowed. You can’t say the same for the multitude of Obama/Hitler comparisons that are being made…and I have to say after a recent visit to the National Holocaust Museum, my learning tells me they are the least logical analogies that could possibly be made.

  18. Girlballer, the Declaration of Independence speaks of Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. It does not guarantee happiness as a birthright, only the nioton that government should protect the individual pursuit thereof. Maybe we all need to read that fine document beginning to end, and then we’ll get a better understanding of why so many people are upset by what they consider overreaching by the Federal Government.

    Hint: it’s not about healthcare, per se.

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