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Politics in the Classroom

On September 8th, President Barack Obama is planning to make an address directly to the students of the United States of America.  If Sally Kern has her way, he will not be addressing students in this state.

In a press release she put out this afternoon, Kern suggests that it would be improper to inject politics (as opposed to religion) into the classroom.  “Our school children should not be exploited this way for partisan purposes.”  In response, she asks that we contact our “local school principal, superintendent and school board members and state (our) disapproval.”

She really got me thinking, and you know what I found out?  A program like this is already going on in this state!  It’s called the “Legislative Back to School Program” and it facilitates Oklahoma legislators going into classrooms to speak directly to the children.  From the program’s brochure:


This basically describes the same objective of the Obama-led discussion, so we need to do everything we can to stop this also.  That means you should direct all your attention to the state’s coordinator for the program:



  1. I am seriously thinking about moving to her district JUST to vote against her in the next election….talk about a pimple on the ass of Oklahoma politics…geez…

  2. During session, legislators will invite classes to come to the capitol to see how government works. They will bus the children in from their district.
    A television message is a way more efficient way to teach kids about government than using tax dollars for a field trip.
    It’s a great way to build favor in the district because you are more likely to vote for someone you and your kids like… it would suck if kids started liking a black guy.

  3. Sally Kern acting all two-faced and everything? Personally, I am SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED I tell you.

    (Not really, but every once in a while it’s nice to take your fake shock out for a little walk around the neighborhood.)

  4. @MoC — If you can get about 2,000 people to go with you and vote against her, that would swing the election.

    Now the challenge is to find 2,000 people willing to move to Woodlawn Park, Bethany, and Warr Acres. Perhaps if they got a Whole Foods . . .

  5. I must apologize to everyone that is affected by my little SALLY. When I sat on the toilet I didn’t realize my dumplings could come to life and run for office. Had I know , I would have double flushed. This woman is a zealot that should be removed form any public office. She will eventually be found to be a closet lesbian, she is attempting to make everyone else as miserable as her. Can any BALLERS out there trick her to open the door…giggity

  6. Well posted, Clark. Also, I got a call saying that your kid’s school was canceling my lecture/indoctrination about my new book, “I Speak, You Listen!” Typical.

  7. she did get her way. check out the special message here: http://www.norman.k12.ok.us/. and that’s freaking norman. also, noble public schools has forbid any teacher from showing the address. students will only be able to watch it after the original broadcast (so they can edit it? i have no idea) and only if parents have signed a permission slip.

    sweet ever loving christ. it’s the goddamn president. of the united states. of america. it’s not like lindsay lohan wants to bust up the school day to show america’s youth how to do coke in the bathroom of a bar.

  8. Actually, Norman is permitting teachers to make the decision on a classroom by classroom basis, which actually makes sense. “No Child Left Behind” has made every classroom hour valuable in preparation for the myriad standard tests we put on students, so mandating time out of a school day to do anything not in the curriculum is a potential performance impediment. The balance of the statement is consistent with federal and state law, which allows parents to excuse their children from aspects of the curriculum.

    I love people who think Norman is “liberal.” Ever take a good look at the ring of subdivisions around the place?

  9. @Eliot – agreed about what NCLB has done. my wife is a teacher, and even if she wanted to show this telecast, she wouldn’t do it out of the need for every minute of classroom time possible. and considering parents dont want their children to miss recess (for behavioral problems or late/no/incorrect work), dont want their children to have any homework, and don’t want to discipline their children anymore, any spare time is spent calling parents, trying to get them involved.

    my wife teaches 75 kids, each with parents who have their own view on exactly how their child should be taught (which is bullshit. to expect a teacher to cater to parents is ridiculous). sifting through those parents who want their kid to see the telecast, those who don’t, and those what want you to talk about certain things afterward/beforehand, etc… is way too much work and worry.

    the next question is, does the telecast belong in the classroom? probably not. same goes with any injection of religion. politics and religion and everything in between are the responsibility of the parent, and don’t belong in the classroom (except for theology & politics courses). it is a parent’s job to make those resources available to their children, and to teach them the importance of what is being said. it is not a teacher’s job to be a moral guide, political guide… their job is to teach what is required by the state, and nothing else. venturing into other territory is dangerous for teachers, especially in today’s “it’s the teacher’s job/fault/responsibility society”

  10. Obama’s speech is a pep talk about staying in school and doing your best while in the classroom. I can see why that would be controversial in this state. Now if he was speaking about working hard on the football field, the schools would gather everyone into the gymnasium to hear it.

  11. Wasn’t W in, you know, a classroom when 9/11 happened? That’s a pretty iconic image to conveniently forget when you say a sitting president shouldn’t be allowed into schools, isn’t it?

  12. Bat. Shit. Crazy.

    Or perhaps… Just. Plain. Evil.

    If she believe the BS she spews then there is a special place hell for her (as if hell exists).

  13. Dear Ms. Kern —

    Thank you so much for bringing to my attention this upcoming event for our school children with President Obama! I’ve contacted my daughter’s school and let them know how excited our family is about the wonderful example our president is setting by encouraging kids to stay in school and get an education so they can learn how to read classic works such as “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “The Color Purple,” “Black Like Me,” “A Raisin in the Sun” and of course “Invisible Man,” by our own native son, Ralph Ellison! I’m sure, because you are so well-educated, that you know Mr. Ellison’s book won the National Book Award in 1953 and have read the book many times. Anyway, as you know, these and other insightful works help break down the barriers of racial bigotry, hatred and social injustice that continue to haunt and plague our state to this day. Reading is kind of useful that way isn’t it!?!? LOL. With leadership such as yours, I know that one day our state and country truly will become a place of “liberty and justice for all,” regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or socio-economic status. Many thanks again for all you do to help us all work together for a better, more cooperative, more tolerant and accepting community. — ThinkLady

  14. It’s sad that someone so ignorant can be elected by people just as if not more ignorant, or maybe just lazy. I read her press release and looked over the link for discussion questions for before and after the president’s speech. Not once does it say “how can you help the president?” It asks general questions like, what do you think he will say and are you encouraged to do anything? Kern’s use of the term partisan is shameful and how in the world does she not see that she is the one being partisan? I think I can answer that question myself. It’s a sad day when fear and ignorance get in the way of what appears to be an encouragement to stay in school and work hard. I guess that’s the type of characteristics fear mongers and hypocrites rely on to keep themselves in power, and surprise it’s working. When will Oklahomans wake up and smell the ether? What a mess.

  15. Dear Ms. Kern,

    I have heard that you want the citizens of Oklahoma to protest President Obama’s speech that is aimed at our public school children. I think that you are correct when you suggest that schools are a place of learning and should not be disrupted by politics. It has come to my attention that there is another program designed to send local politicians into the classroom to speak directly with our public school children and I want to protest it as well. The Legislative Back to School Program, which you are a representative of, is made from the same cloth as President Obama’s speech. If you oppose one then you must oppose them all.

    God only knows the only thing worse than injecting religion into the classroom would be having a bunch of crazy wacko religious nut jobs having direct access to the bully pulpit in the form of my children’s classroom. Please keep you and your crazy legislator friends out of the school and do some real work. I’m tired of you embarrassing our state and really hope that some day you figure out a way to remove your head from your ass.

    Blake Spears

  16. You guys know she only reads at an 8th grade level right? Your letters are way to long…..

    Dear Ms. Kern,

    You organize legislative visits to our children’s schools, yet oppose their exposure to our President’s address on the importance of continued education and their bright future?!? You should be ASHAMED of yourself!


    Proud parent of intelligent, open-minded children (no thanks to YOU!)

  17. I would just like to say, politics should stay out of the classroom, period. No president should have the right to deliver a speech direclty to students, interrupting class room time to gain their attention. We can’t discuss God in the classroom, we dont permit God or religiion in schools, why do we allow a presidential speech? If we allow the US President to speak, maybe we should also allow leaders of other countries to interrut class room time to give speeches! I dont see God interrupting class room time, nor is he allowed to, but we let the President? just something to consider. Not Obama hating here, just wondering why?

  18. Dear Sally Kern,

    Thank you for being crazy. I will call my local representives and suggest they do the opposite of everything you do.

    PS- Please do something productive. Like resigning.

  19. He’s going to speak with students about citizenship and personal responsibility, next thing you know they’ll be joining Americacorp or the Peace Corp and helping stupid poor people. Is this a &*%^up state or what!?

  20. Eliot, Norman is liberal at it’s original core. It’s all the rightwingnuts that moved into the develpments on the East and West fringes, trying to turn Norman into another edmond. We’re battling the plague. “Don’t Edmond my Norman” as I’ve seen on bumper stickers. As for Norman Public School’s announced policy- covering the arse against a suit. One successful suit will cripple a district’s fragile budget.

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