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You Decide: Is the Norman Homeland Racist?


One of our loyal readers and a former writer both sent us these pictures taken at a Norman-area Homeland store.  Since everyone knows I’m a bleeding heart liberal who enjoys accusing everyone of racism, I can’t be sure if it’s my preconceived biases or a legitimate complaint.  So, I ask you guy’s to answer the question:  Is this cardboard cutout of our president hocking rotisserie chicken racist?

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Was using a cutout of the nation's first black President to sell chicken a racist action by the Norman Homeland?

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  1. What is racist about it? I don’t see anything that would lead me to believe that one person (Homeland?)seems to think they are better than the cut-out due to skin color.

    What if it were that cut out that was holding up signs that say “monster trucks and shotguns for sale”?

    I guess I don’t get it.

  2. Rotisserie = Not Racist

    Fried Chicken = Racist
    Fried Chicken & Watermelon = Blatantly Racist
    Fried Chicken, Watermelon, and a display of all cotton t-shirts: You’ve now qualified for a visit from “Sharkson” (Sharpton/Jackson)

  3. This is all your fault, Patrick. To whit:

    First there was Cardboard Jim;

    Then came Cardboard Mick;

    Then, Cardboarack Obama.

  4. One of the reasons I proudly left Oklahoma. The lack of thought- I mean come on- how many other products can they put him in front of? There might be a box of pasta that they can have him hawk. How ’bout move him over to produce to help move some greens?

  5. Having a black man sell collard greens being such a southern stereotype improvement over having a black man sell chicken . . .

  6. Hmmm…about 6 or 7 months ago, I was doing a little shopping at the Homeland near Robinson Street. One aisle/section labeled something like See the World or something similar to that was selling mostly food items from other parts of the world. Included on one section of the shelves were Jewish items including Jewish religious items used by American Jews including in Oklahoma! My conclusion to this was that according to Homeland the practice of the Jewish religion by American Jews or Jews in general must happen somewhere else. Utterly amazing and I might add parochial and unthinking. Somebody should really get out and see the world rather than doing purportedly trendy advertising themes in supermarket aisles. By the way, does anybody know which Homeland this utterly incredible and offensive Obama selling chicken figure is located?

  7. Why do it? I mean, yeah it could be racist, but they’re putting up a cutout of our President to hawk chicken. What, could they not find a cutout of a former Sooner star? That’s actually all you need to sell ANYTHING in Norman. It wouldn’t even have had to have been AD or Jason White. It could’ve been Garret Hartley or Taj Gray’s cousin, and I guarantee you that chicken would’ve flown off the shelves.

  8. not racist. if i had a cardboard cutout of Obama, i’d be using it. thing is, if they put anything else in there, would you have asked the same question? if he was holding Rotel, is that better? cheddar cheese?

  9. I think you guys are missing it. Whooo likes Barack Obama? Whooo likes fried/rotisseried chicken? Maybe I’m just a conspiracy nut…

  10. I’m on the fence due to the unknown circumstances. As in, have they used presidents previously to hock their wares and how……for example, Clinton=condoms,Carter=peanuts,Reagan=hair gel,Bush2=Rogets thesaurus and so on. So that being said, Hells yeah its bias in context. If I ever become president my cutout should only hock high quality porn or The Family Guy episodes.

  11. When is Homeland going to put a cutout of Dubya pimpin ridiculously overpriced bottles of water?…… What, thats not racist. Just because white people like expensive water

  12. if they were smart, they wouldve put the cutout outside the store, with a sign that says ‘i shop at wal-mart’. reverse psychology…

  13. Is the manager of the Homeland black or white?

    Black manager = not racist use of President Obama’s Image.

    White manager = racist use of President Obama’s Image.

  14. Damnit. It was at the lindsey street homeland but it was taken down by the time i got there. The fact that they took it down when it was supposed to advertising a sale for today most likely means they caught some flak. My theory that they were targeting black people kinda falls apart now… I was thinking it was at the alameda street homeland.

    My final say is: Not Racist!

  15. noodles- Man, all of the homelands are all equally trafficked by people who fit the demographic we are looking for her in this example.

    Perhaps people SHOULD start selling stuff with Obama cut-outs. It’s his fault if we do, his advertising team let it happen. they WANT us to use Obama’s image in as many places as possible so that we feel like we can identify with him like we do other pop-icons.

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