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Proof that Regular Jim Traber played Major League Baseball…


If you’ve ever listened to Regular Jim Traber on the radio, you’re probably aware that he was once a Major League Baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles.  You’d be aware of this because Regular Jim Traber mentions it in nearly every conversation he has on the Sports Animal.  Here are some examples:

Caller: What did you think about the poor officiating in the OU game?
Traber: When I played in the big leagues, I learned that officials are a joke.

Al: Jim.  Who will win the AFC West?
Traber: If it wasn’t for Eddie Murray, I would have been a star!   Do you agree with me Al?

Do you think Russell Westbrook can be a point guard?
Traber: No, I don’t.  The reason for this is because I’m stubborn and decided to make the rash decision early on in Westbrook’s career that he couldn’t play the point, and although my decisions was wrong and clearly shows my lack of NBA knowledge, I have too big of an ego to change my mind or admit I was wrong.

Okay, so maybe he doesn’t mention his MLB service in every conversation, but it sure does seem like it.  I think one reason for this is that other than a few baseball cards and a sponsored baseball reference page, there is very little evidence that Trabes played in the majors.  Therefore, he feels the need to remind us about it all the time.

Fortunately, though, we have got a surprise for you.  Through the Ogle mole network, we have discovered a couple of totally real items that proves Jim Traber played Major League Baseball.  Maybe this will get him to shut up about it.  Check them out after the jump.

Jim Traber is referenced in the Micheal Keaton movie “Dream Team.”

I’ve heard rumors about this clip, but it’s great to know that it’s finally been uploaded to YouTube.  When you think about it, being name dropped in this movie is probably the highlight of Jim’s career.  Unless you consider drinking beers with Cal Ripken in your underwear a career highlight.

JimTraber RBI Baseball

Jim Traber made the Baltimore Orioles roster in RBI Baseball 2.

I’m not sure what’s more amazing:

“¢  You can actually play this game in your internet browser, bring Nintendo Jim from off the bench, and have him go up against a true big leaguers like Roger Clemons or Danny Jackson.

“¢  Some kid in 1989 probably brought Nintendo Jim off the bench as a pinch hitting lefty “” for the starting First Baseman Randy Milligan “” and then promptly struck out.

“¢ Nintendo Jim is very skinny.

Anyway, there you have it.  100% proof that Jim Traber played in the majors.  Now lets hope he’ll finally shut up about it!


  1. Jim Traber’s Player Page is sponsored by TheLostOgle. Hucking Filarious!

    Please, someone send me the Sports Animal audio clip when Traber finds/found out about this.

  2. How did you guys have doubts about him ever being in the bigs? I mean the guy is the leading authority on how to break in a baseball glove.

  3. Too awesome.

    Love that Flounder is in the Michael Keaton film scene.

    Oh – and the Lost Ogle sponsoring Traber’s page is hilarious. Did anyone else notice Jim’s height/weight is listed as “6’0″ 194 lbs.”

    194 lbs? LOL

  4. That is Flounder, I thought it was Artie Lange. So Traber did play in the bigs, I thought he meant Japan.

  5. There’s now (at least) a trinity of Traber, if not more:

    Regular Jim Traber
    Cardboard Jim Traber
    Nintendo Jim Traber

    Any other iterations of Jim out there, folks?

  6. I HOPE that Nintendo Jim is in the Tourny this year….

    don’t forget about Pseudo-movie star Jim too!

  7. Regular Jim’s also an expert on stuffing turkeys. With Thanksgiving approaching, listen for his cheesecloth consultation on a radio near you.

    Oh — and he actually said on the air yesterday that he doesn’t refer to his major league experience that often. His submissive producer had to agree with him. I almost drove off the road…

  8. OK, this is really sad. One of the “Similar Batters” to which Regular Jim is compared statistically on Baseball Reference was a pitcher. Gary Peters of the Chicago White Sox. Lifetime batting average of .222. Jim’s was .227.

  9. “Son, in my day, before all this weight training and speed, any regular Joe could make it to the big. Like Jim “Sh*tty Batter” Traber. They called him that because he was a real sh*tty batter. He’d swing at anything, Traber would. I swear, I once saw him swing at a throw the pitcher made to first base.”

  10. Everyone probably already knows this, but I never had realized that this bastard was a “Jay-Jay” (J. J. Traber). Who the f$c# names their kid “James Joseph?” If not “Jay-Jay,” then maybe “Jimmy Joe?” I don’t know. I do know that if it weren’t for the Lost Ogle, Jay-Jay wouldn’t be able to look up his career stats online. Revenge is sweet.

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