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Welcome back, Linda Soundtrack

Linda Soundtrack is back.  This was first reported by the Gazette a few weeks ago, and on Friday it was on the FRONT page of NewsOK.com. Dear God, help us all.

In a very nostalgic way, I guess this is cool.  That being said, I think it’s kind of silly how everyone is getting so excited about this.  It’s like we are all forgetting how truly annoying this lady was.  This would be the equivalent of living in the year 2030 and everyone cheering the return of the 1-800-2-SELLHOMES lady.

When I was a kid, my Grandpa would literally turn down the volume whenever a Linda Soundtrack commercial came on the air.  Hell, I think he even threw a little party when the last Soundtrack closed in the early 1990s.  Granted, my grandpa was also magician and collected toy trains, so maybe he’s not the most reliable source when it comes to measuring ones Linda Soundtrack tolerance.

I’m also not too confident about the future success of the new Soundtrack.  Call me crazy, but when your business model appears to be banked on the public’s ability to identify with an annoying 1980’s commercial pitch lady, your venture may be in for some hard times.

Also, can you imagine how annoying OKC will become if the new Soundtrack is a success???  I bet Broadway Ford will reopen in Edmond and bring back the black guy and his grandson to tell us “That’s no bull.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry Evans and the guy who voiced the Oklahoma Discount Furniture commercials start making cameos in all the new Mathis Brother commercials.

Hell, I bet they’ll even try to resurrect the old Credit Jewelers Cowboy. Unless you’re Jesse James, that would actually be kind of cool.


  1. She’s just a front…. Russell Kim of Audiio Dimensions actually owns the store.

    Kind of like when Big Red Imports brought Alan Merrell in to do their spots a few years back.

    Good night and God Bleth.

  2. I had forgotten about the “that’s no bull” kid. Thanks Patrick, for the nostalgia of terrible local commercials.

  3. I’d rather see Tall Paul commercials again. Or Lynn Hickey destroying a Ford with a bazooka while in a Dodge Van suspended from a crane. Aaah, memories.

  4. Soundtrack went out of business because they were selling a bunch of junk stereo gear and the public finally figured it out – they were a notch above the the electronics “events” that come to the “Made in Oklahoma” building at the fairgrounds. I am not sure there is the reservoir of positive public sentiment that Russell Kim seems to think is there.

  5. It is a *travesty* that there are no credit jewelry cowboy commercials on youtube… He did them for what? 10 years or so…

  6. that cowboy from credit jewlers also did the “Cronkhite Ranch” commercials where they tried to be the Omaha Steaks of Oklahoma.
    Linda Soundtrack though…seriously? How many small-time locally-owned audio stores have closed their doors thanks to the likes of Best Buy or Ultimate Electronics?
    I went to the store closing auction of Soundtrack way back when, and it was all crap.

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