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Taking on Liberals

john sparks

For those of you who accuse us of never making fun of Democrats, this is for you.

State Senator John Sparks, a democrat from Norman, recently proposed what he calls a “Second Amendment Weekend.”  What he wants is to create a three day weekend where gun purchases would go untaxed.  It’s kind of like the “back-to-school” tax holiday except for Branch Davidians.

Now, I know what those of you who liked the first sentence are thinking:  The heading says “taking on liberals” and Senator Sparks is in favor of the second amendment and tax cuts.  The reason I’m calling him a liberal is that he is being very liberal in his defense of this legislation.

I don’t think there is ever a bad time to defend our Second Amendment rights, and I think we should do so every chance we get.

Whether one is for or against this idea, claiming it is a defense of the Second Amendment is a huge stretch.  Giving a three day moratorium on sales tax for weapons does nothing to protect the Second Amendment.  Protecting the Second Amendment would be re-writing it to make it sound like it was written by someone literate and removing the language about “well regulated militia.”  All Sparks is doing is suggesting a way to further decrease tax revenues during a massive budget shortfall…especially since the people getting the added sales revenue (gun show vendors) are probably selling off the excess guns they acquired in their ramp up for when the IRS comes calling.


  1. Will this even get a hearing in committee? Doubtful. This is simply a Democrat up for re-election next year trying to ensure his moderates that he loves guns as much as any God-fearing Okie. Voters have fallen for dumber b.s. than this.

  2. Cheaper guns, whatever…I don’t care. My issue is that he tried to label his idea as a way to protect the second amendment. How? What does the absence of a sales tax do to solidify the “right” to own guns?

    And Sparks is, like most Oklahoma Democrats, nowhere near a liberal, unless you count his liberal use of NRA catch phrases.

  3. The Second Amendment doesn’t confer a right to a gun, and the militia argument doesn’t constrain that right. The right exists, as do many others that are not articulated in the Constitution. Rights are inaleinable, and that includes the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment need not be strengthened, because it is merely one articulation of the right.

    Now, if nyou will excuse me, I have to go back to clinging to my guns.

  4. If this idea gets some traction, maybe we could piggy-back a “First Amendment Holiday” on to this. Suspend the sales tax on the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, and old films of the Oakland Raiders from the 1970’s. This would allow for one HUGE middle of the summer tent sale at the in-field of the Fairgrounds Speedway sponsored by a merger of Claude Hall, H&H Gun Range, and Mardel’s “Office Supplies”.

  5. This is a transparent attempt to bolster his “conservative” credentials in a vain attempt to prepare for the absolute slaughter at midterm elections. State reps and Senators are smart enough to know that a lot sof folks will vote party-line, or anti-party line as the case may be, and that displeasure withthe national level party translates to damage to the state level operation as well.

    To actualyl strengthen 2nd Amendment rights, one might make a motion for a discharge petition to move Re. Ritze’s open carry bill out from under Tibb’s committee.

  6. This only matters if you walk into a gun “STORE” to purchase guns. If you buy something at a “gun show”, then chances are that not only will you NOT have to pay any taxes, that they won’t even bother to do a background check on you. No check = no sale = no tax, as far as the guv’mint is concerned.

    Sparks is my Senator. He is about as good as you can expect for a Democrat these days. He’s pretty wild-eyed, but not quite a nut yet.


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