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It’s good to be king…

From our Facebook page:

So…should we forgive her?


  1. What are the chances somebody can remind me what she did that would be deserving of forgiveness? Only then can I form a well thought and educated argument whether she sould be pardoned. Oh yea, new Pink Bikini, or whatever color she chooses, would be nice, too.

  2. @Kestrel

    She did a TV bit where she said something along the lines of “it’s never too early to eat nuts”. It was a bit about roasted peanuts or something, I can’t even remember now. Anyway, there was a TLO youtube video, to which she made a copyright claim so that it would be removed.

    It’s just a hot chick saying something about nuts. I dunno why TLO would be upset about it, but then again, I don’t know why she’d be upset about it either. On the scale of innuendo, it’s down there with that’s what she said jokes.

    I’d say anytime you can forgive someone for something they didn’t do wrong in the first place, it’s a good way to build some positive karma.

  3. patrick I think Lauren needs to do at least two things:

    1. Do an Ogle Q&A

    2. Appear on the radio show at The Spy

  4. I know I usually complain to you guys that you’re too “in” to Lauren, but I will have to concede that if she tops Amy’s Pink Bikini picture…May I suggest that she have to stand and have her arms around (at least) both Patrick and Tony to show her contrition.

    If she agrees…..you owe me big-time Patrick.

  5. “make it up to you” can mean a WIDE variety of things…especially coming from her…she could take you to braums and put crazy ingredients on your ice cream cone

  6. Isn’t this kinda like when you turn in your resignation at your job and they offer you more money to stay? They should have paid you what you were worth to begin with. Also like switching off horrible At&t when verizon gets the iPhone. I bet they will offer all kinds of things to make it right.
    Shoulda done right from the beginning!
    Bikinis always work though!

  7. As if she could top Amy. But, I guess we could let her try. Would have to be a really, really good bikini though.

  8. i say you spend your lauren time on joleen chaney now….out with the old in with the new…i mean, how many more places can lauren eat at anyway?

  9. Sad part is the nut comment she made was clearly a natural ad-lib and not on the teleprompter. At least I like to think that’s the case.

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