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OKC Media Approval Ratings: Kealey McIntire

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know too much about KSBI Anchorwomen Kealey McIntire.  I just figured this would be a good excuse to repost her oiled-up body building picture!

I guess the reason I don’t know too much about Kealey is because she is the anchorwoman for KSBI Channel 52.  You see, I’m a lot like the typical Oklahoman and rarely watch KSBI Channel 52.  That being said, unlike the typical Oklahoman, I do know KSBI has a news broadcast. (ZING!)

From her bio, we do know this about Kealey:

Kealey began her professional broadcast career in 2002. She left her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa for the flatlands of West Texas where she spent nearly four years before accepting the anchor position at KSBI-TV.

Kealey enjoys the variety KSBI-TV offers. She reports, anchors Oklahoma News Tonight, and co-hosts the station’s award-winning High School Football Tailgate Show.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and change an important life decision?  For some reason, I bet Kealey sometimes does.  In particular, I bet she wishes she could go back to that fateful day she left “the flatlands of West Texas” for that anchor gig at KSBI.

Actually, I’m just kidding around.  I bet Kealey really does enjoy the “variety KSBI offers.”  I’m also sure she enjoys co-hosting an “award-winning High School Football Tailigate Show” on a channel that’s managed by a weatherman and used to only broadcast southern gospel music.  Granted, I never knew there was an award for high school tailgate shows, but I’m sure it’s an honor to win one.

Anyway, cast your vote for Kealey and see last week’s result after the jump.

Do you approve or disapprove of Kealey McIntire

  • Approve (63%, 176 Votes)
  • Disapprove (37%, 105 Votes)

Total Voters: 281

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Last week’s result: Despite their best efforts at soliciting votes, Jack and Ron struggled with a 47% approval rating.  Remember that fact, because it may someday be a question on too-tough trivia.


  1. LMAO…. I just realized if she wasn’t stickin’ her ass out for the pose, her camel toe would be so big, she would be given everyone the crotch middle finger… you guy’s r f’n hilarious. 52 isn’t useless, they do air local Thunder games.

  2. Approve! apparently nobody here has seen a real skinny chick with they’re pants off. she doesn’t look roided so its probably a combo of pubic bone and racing stripe lol.

  3. That is one of the most un-hot bikini pictures I have seen in some time. The belly jewelery is NOT helping in this case.

  4. Okay, after watching an interview on the George Lopez show with Jennifer Love Hewett, I guess someone could make the argument that perhaps Kealey McIntire is bedazzling her “hoo-hah” and that’s what’s causing her suspicious bulge. I still think she fails. Bedazzling with the remnants of a Uniroyal Tiger-Paw and angle iron is probably not the right way to go!

  5. Kealy is cool, sweet, great attitude and as you can tell, very dedicated to her craft outside of KSBI. Hell, who wouldn’t be, KSBI and Mr. Brus suck.

  6. As a former KSBI’er, I can confirm that McIntire is the nicest woman alive, and Brus is the biggest ****** alive.

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