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The 2010 “20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media” (10-1)

On Tuesday, we unveiled the first half of our rankings of the “20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media.”  Today we show you the top 10.  Exciting, huh?  Check it out after the jump.

p.s. – To continue out tradition of providing equal time, we wanted to make our non-heterosexual readership proud by posting a picture of two non-heterosexual broadcasters.  One is more famous than the other.

p.s.2 – To check out the first half our rankings “” Number 20 -11 – click here!

10. Amy McRee
KWTV Channel 9, Newsanchor

The fact that Amy McRee ranks number 10 may surprise some people.  Know what else may surprise some people???  Chad is incredibly good at “Wheel of Fortune” and I like Kaleidoscopes.

The pink bikini picture has carried Amy a long way, but now it’s pretty boring. Hell, now when I gaze at the picture I just wonder what the hell the guy in the back of the photo is looking at.  Seriously, unless One Eyed Willy’s treasure is at the bottom of Lake Arcadia, he has no business paying attention to what’s in the water while Amy McRee and her hot friends prance around in bikinis tickling each other.

All that being said, the pink bikini picture is pretty great.  As long as it exists, Amy will always be one of the 20 hottest women in the OKC media.

9. Lacey Lett
105.3 The Spy, Obscure Radio Show Host

Here’s the deal.  Lacey was going to rank in the top five, but then we discovered this picture.  My stomach still hurts when I look at it.

Regardless of what roofies Skarky gave to Lacey Lett, she’s still hot.  And she still works in the media by co-hosting the Oklahoma Rock show on The Spy.  It’s the second best radio show in Oklahoma City.

8. Kelly Crull
Sports Reporter, KOCO Channel 5

Kelly Crull is pretty hot.  But here’s the deal, she’s a sports reporter.  That’s a major turn-off.  The last thing you want to do is date a girl that knows a lot about sports.  Not only does it mean she can interfere in your conversations with friends, but it also gives her a way to turn a normal conversation into a spontaneous irrational argument.  Kind of like this:

“Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?”

“The Colts.”


“I think Freeney and Mathis will generate enough pressure on Brees to slow the Saints.  Plus, I think Manning is clutch.”

“Well I think the Saints will win.  They are hot at the right time.”

“Yeah, but they barely beat the Vikings, and the Vikings played terrible.”

“Oh yeah, remember last month when you went out with Jimmy?  Huh!?!  Remember that?  You were out tell three in the morning! I saw the glitter on your shirt!  I saw the glitter on your damn shirt!!!

7. Amanda Guerra,
News Reporter, KOCO Channel 5

We were original not going to rank Amanda this high, but then we came across this damn picture of her with a puppy.  Hell, even we’re suckers for pictures of cute girls holding cute little puppies.  Pictures like that should be banned.  The only thing it’s missing are cup cakes, rainbows, singing dwarfs and squash plants.  Wait.  We already have a picture of Amanda in front of squash plants.

6. Lauren Richardson
Morning News Reporter, KOKH Channel 25

Ice Cream ConeLog RollingSucking on nuts in the morning. It’s all there, all we need now is a picture of Lauren Richardson shoving her boobs in Jaime Cerreta’s face. Oh…

5. Jessica Schambach
Anchor, KOCO Channel 5

We like Jessica, but ever since she lost Maggie to the hedge fund manager, things just haven’t been the same.  Maybe it’s because Paul Folger checks her out during the newscast, or maybe it’s because Mark Rodgers is single.

Whatever the problem is, we need to cheer Jess up.  And we have the perfect idea!  She needs a Facebook Page!  If she does that, she can reconnect with Maggie Carlo.  She will be also be able to post pictures of her friends going to clubs and bars and stuff.  Pictures that can then pop up on this web page!  Sounds like a good plan!

4. Melissa Maynarich
Anchor, KWTV Channel 4

If we were ranking the “20 Women most likely to become JC Penny models in the OKC Media” or “The 20 women our Moms would love for us to marry in the Oklahoma City media,” I’m pretty sure that Melissa Maynarich would rank number one, but she’s just too cute and pretty to be considered hot.  Seriously, koala bears, baby pandas and Amanda Guerra’s puppy would stop and gaze if Melissa Maynarich walked by them

3. Jaime Cerreta
Anchor, KOKH Channel 25

Know what makes a hot girl even hotter?  Hot friends.  Know what makes a hot girl with hot friends even hotter?  Hot friends dressed in slutty costumes!

Yeah, the next time we have an event like a Snuggie Pub Crawl, we need to plan it around Jaime’s schedule.  Also, we need to make sure the event has nothing to do with fluffy blankets.

And in case you’re new, Jaime is in red.

2. Jennifer Pierce
Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Yeah, we wrote about Jennifer Pierce last week. We wrote about her because she looks fun…and because she’s also super hot.

Anyway, there were other pictures that did a better job at displaying Jennifer’s hotness, but I like this picture of her in front of  my black Lamborghini.  Or is that my Ferrari.  Hell, they all look the same to me now.

1. Joleen Chaney
Anchore/Reporter, KFOR Channel 4

It wasn’t easy picking the hottest women in the Oklahoma City news media, but after a lot of perverted discussion with Ogle moles, we went with Joleen Chaney.  We think the deciding factor was her amazing 95% approval rating.  So not only is she hot, but she’s likable.  In an odd way, she’s kind of like me!

Anyway, there you have it.  The 2010 rankings of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City News Media.  Is it a perfect list?  Probably not?  Did it joyfully kill a portion of your work day?  Hopefully so!


  1. I know that everyone has their preferences, but where is Ali. Someone needs their mancard pulled. I want to know who, the set of complete idiots, could totally over look ALI ( my ass is so hot my clothes spontaneously combust) MEYER.

    She is half of the world peace solution! I postulate if a pillow fight magically broke out between Ali M. and Bobbie M. in boy shorts and tight teddy tops the world would come to a stand still, men would weep in joyous rapture, ergo WORLD PEACE…. Thats right I just solved world conflict for free, your welcome world, but you owe me!

  2. Man, I’ve gotta give it to you guys this year! You’ve truly out done yourselves. But with women like these in Oklahoma media i guess its a pretty simple task putting this list together. way to go guys!

  3. Just a few general statements/questions about the top 10:

    -No doubt on number 1

    -Who are those guys hugging on Jaime Cerreta?

    -A top 3 without Schambach??

    -Amanda Guerra should be higher.

    -Since 2 stations are clearly (and coincidentally, i’m sure) ahead of the others, can we set up a KOCO Channel 5/KOKH Channel 25 jello-tub wrestling match for charity?

  4. I’m thinking that maybe Lacey Lett should move up 2 or 3 notches. Then again, maybe I’m just over saturated on the others. However, Ms McRee is still number one with me, even with a current picture. And yes, where is Ali?

  5. “-Who are those guys hugging on Jaime Cerreta?”


    Surely Ali should have made it, but then again she has mommed it up after the baby. And no Angie Mock? Those legs alone should have put her in top 20.

  6. If you guys think that Erin Guy is the girl next store you are sadly mistaken. I went to school with her and this girl knocks the socks off of 90% of the girls on this list. If anyone wants CRAZY pictures and stories about Erin give me a call at 1-800-get-a-life-okc. Really you guys are misunderstood about Erin because I could give you pictures of her in a slutty Halloween costumes or bikini’s on a lake but I don’t want to wreck her career. Because when most of these girls are washed up Erin will be anchoring the Today show.

    • I am happy to see Erin in the top twenty. Her hotness has a certain subtleness to it. Why else would anyone crawl out of bed at 5:00 a.m. on his day off?

  7. Fine choices lads, all high dollar on the hoof, but still would like to see Meg Alexander (aka Ms. Dilday) leopard skin it up, burnt organge lipstick, and go after K. Ogle with a Russian burp gun.

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