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Ogle Madness III: East Region – Upper Bracket

So it begins!

Before we start today’s match-ups, we should let everyone know that the Ghost of Ed Gaylord beat the Ghost of Oral Roberts by a vote of 237 – 176 in the Ogle Madness play-in game.  I’m not sure what that means, but either way, it’s scary.

Also, here are some more things to review before we officially tip- off Ogle Madness;

“¢ Here is the 65 man/women/thing tournament bracket. This one may be easier to view and print than the previous one we posted.  Also, we eliminated some typos.  To stay true to form, we added some, too.

“¢ Some people have asked us what the voting criteria is for Ogle Madness.  Basically, there isn’t any.  I guess it’s just vote for whoever you want to advance or for who you like more.  That is, of course, unless you are voting for Patrick.  Patrick is handsome.  He’s also possibly writing this.

“¢ In Ogle Madness, polls are open for only one day.  That means you need to drop by each day to cast your vote for each round or region.

“¢ Please don’t be a tool and try to rig the ballot box.

“¢ If you want a good recap of last year’s bracket, check out the “One Shining Moment” video above.

Anyway, to today’s games.  They come from the top half of the East Region.  Here are the match ups:

(1) Gary England vs. (16) Chad Istook
(8) Bob Barry, Jr. vs. (9) Al Eschbach

(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (13) J’Ordy
(5)  Amy McRee vs. (12) Larry Nichols

Read about each participant and vote after the jump!

(1) Gary England vs. (16) Chad Istook

About Gary England:

Conference: Idols of the Lost Ogle

Who he is: The most powerful person in Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Protecting Oklahomans from those terrible twisters with presentations of Those Terrible Twisters. Determining who lives and dies.  Promoting Lost Ogle drinking games.

Biggest Weakness: He uses his Facebook account to repeat Jim Inhofe talking points about climate change.

About Chad Istook:

Conference: Entitled Idiots

Who he is: The target of the “Bounty Boys.”

Biggest Strength: Being the offspring of a former United States congressman and gubernatorial candidate.  Owning a life-sized replica of Darth Vader.

Biggest Weakness: Knowing when to “man-up and quit calling daddy.”  Understanding the difference between licensed bounty hunters and Bobba Fett.   Realizing when you can and can’t play the “my dad is really powerful” card.

Who should advance in Ogle Madness?

  • (1) Gary England (86%, 387 Votes)
  • (16) Chad Istook (14%, 65 Votes)

Total Voters: 450

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(8) Bob Barry, Jr. vs. (9) Al Eschbach

About Bob Barry, Jr.:

Conference: Nepotistic Sports Anchors

Who he is: Sports Director for KFOR Channel 4

Biggest Strength: I don’t know, buddy!  Why don’t you tell me.

Biggest Weakness: Abiding by the KFOR Employee Handbook.  Donuts.

About Al Eschbach:

Conference: Sports Animal Lackies

Who he is: Sports Talk Host for The Sports Animal

Biggest Strength: Knowledge of OU Football form the 70s and 80s.  The ability to pleasure Barry Switzer.

Biggest Weakness: Having any sort of insight or knowledge related to sports outside the state of Oklahoma.

Who should advance in Ogle Madness?

  • (8) Bob Barry, Jr. (51%, 227 Votes)
  • (9) Al Eschbach (49%, 217 Votes)

Total Voters: 442

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(4) Jessica Schambach vs. (13) J’Ordy

About Jessica Schambach:

Conference: Confederation of Hot News Chicks

Who she is: Evening anchor for KOCO Channel 5

Biggest Strength: Getting Paul Folger’s attention.

Biggest Weakness: Responding to personalized love letters and poems.

About J’Ordy:

Conference: News Cowboys

Who she is: Scott Hines

Biggest Strength: Fighting for consumer rights as KFOR’s “In Your Corner” reporter (R.I.P. Brad Edwards).

Biggest Weakness: Reacting to the threat of having a camera shoved up his ass.

Who should advance in Ogle Madness?

  • (4) Jessica Schambach (82%, 380 Votes)
  • (13) J'Ordy (19%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 465

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(5)  Amy McRee vs. (12) Larry Nichols

About Amy McRee:

Conference: Confederation of Hot News Chicks

Who she is: the one in the middle

Biggest Strength: Beautiful eyes and smile

Biggest Weakness: Lack of a belly button ring

About Larry Nichols:

Conference: Super rich business leaders

Who he is: CEO of Devon

Biggest Strength: Building really big buildings.

Biggest Weakness: Spending some of his money through advertising on obscure local social blogs.

Who should advance in Ogle Madness?

  • (5) Amy McRee (75%, 344 Votes)
  • (12) Larry Nichols (26%, 118 Votes)

Total Voters: 460

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  1. Woah, (8) Bob Barry, Jr. vs. (9) Al Eschbach has 3 voting choices. And the third already has 3 votes.

  2. Yeah and I voted for the third choice now it seems to be gone….. smells like Florida all over again.

  3. “About Amy McRee:
    Conference: Confederation of Hot News Chicks
    Who he is: the one in the middle”

    Who the hell knew that Amy McRee was a man? I trust you’ll fix this, once and for all, Patrick.

  4. Come on people! I KNOW the obsession with the pink bikini knows no bounds, but HE IS BUILDING A BIG SILVER PENIS DOWNTOWN! That deserves some votes!

    **and Patrick, I object to the seeding of Larry at 12 and Bob Barry at 8.

  5. J’Ordy being able to react to a threat of having a camera shoved up his ass clinched it for me. That was classic. (That outfit he’s wearing above almost lost a vote though . . .)

  6. Is this vote being run by the Iraqi election authorities? I can’t submit my picks–get a message telling me to wait. If Schambach loses by one vote and mine didn’t count, I’m going to be real pissed.

  7. @Soonerken — fret not, gentle reader, for the Lost Ogle Madness voting system is housed on a Cray 6000 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and uses the finest and most durable punch-cards available on the market. At least, that’s what TLO election judge Katherine Harris told us . . .

  8. Looks like Gary England is intimidating people into voting for him today. Tornado warning already.

  9. I got to eat with Jessica Schambach at a luncheon last summer. She’s can and will quote Anchorman. I will carry her flag into battle anytime.

  10. First Amy was a he (but fixed) but you still got Scott Hines as a “she”

    Although the outfit he is wearing in the picture might question his he-ness

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