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Oklahoma City is Popular

When the Thunder first moved to Oklahoma City, our town was an easy target for national writers looking for a hillbilly joke or two. Now that our NBA team is seeing some success on the court, it seems like our national vibe is starting to change a little bit.  Need proof, watch this video:

Other than saying the weather is always sunny, all the men are rich, and all the women give blow jobs, could these guys have said anything nicer about Oklahoma City?  Seriously, I think our Chamber of Commerce sent them note cards.  Half way through the clip I figured that the guy in the glasses would peel of his skin and reveal he was Mayor Cornett.

Anyway, as the Thunder improves and continues to get better, I think Oklahoma City will get more praise.  We just need to make sure that when any person from the national media visits town, that we keep them away from the Oklahoma State Fair.  And Southeast Oklahoma City.  And Jones.  And any Wal-Mart.  You get the point.


  1. Sorry. As a 5’8″ white guy with absolutely no vertical leap and no depth perception – the game has really no meaning for me. I think it’s great the OKC has a pro Team….I just wish that when I played, I was used less as a static speed bump….wait…I guess they DID used me to my abilities. -Never Mind

  2. I think I have cancer now from so much blown smoke. It’s still nice though.

    And yes, smoke seems to be the few things being blown around these parts. Maybe I just need to drive a Doritos truck.

  3. I don’t understand why some Oklahomans have such a problem with self loathing. That guy was pretty much right on the money. Okc is up and coming, for a while now! It’s not a news flash. Hillbillies and rednecks are synonymous with all of America. Drive 45 min. north out of LA or 45 min, west out of NYC…. rednecks and hillbillies. There is a huge wal-mart in Queens except it’s called Costco (samething). They are considered urban trash not hillbillies. So to those that don’t think OKC isn’t anything compared to big cities…. go live in them for a while and I’ll see you in another smaller town in a couple of years. For a lot of you Dallas is a great example. A 45 min. drive in any direction out of Dallas and, the stick’s rule the land side (hillbillies and rednecks abound). Ever been to a Wal-mart down there… same disgusting, toothless, unbathed foul people. The only thing we are missing from NYC that stands out to me is the rats as big as small cats (I’m not kidding). In Vegas, Dallas, LA the prostitutes look nicer( I really have know what they look like here, just assuming). The problem with big cities is, the multitude of problems that go along with them. The grass isn’t always greener…… actually it’s the same damn grass. As for the blow jobs however, some mouth’s are better than others.

  4. OKC is nice living if you’re not a gaylord. Sally Kern says they’re a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism. Woudn’t want to be a gaylord in OKC.

  5. Nice to get some national love. Yet still, every time I hear Jim Rome speak, even if it was only to say, “I love kittens and Jesus”, I wish he would suddenly turn melting Nazi scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

  6. and Jones?! Whatever. Piedmont or Deer Creek or Choctaw or Noble. I know it’s really an interchangeable town used. But Jones is growing, what with the brand new school and the Mayor and city council working on the new Main Street overhaul and the Hogback Rd gate on I-44. It’s a town to keep an eye on. So pick some town who hasn’t changed or shown no signs of improving in recent years, like Harrah.

  7. Oklahoma is not missing rats as big as small cats. We have them and we call them possums. Good eating, but I had to give them up when I found out they were high in cholesterol. Or was that squirrel?

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