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Tommy Mason Griffin is not smart…

Yesterday, former University of Oklahoma point guard Tommy Mason Griffin — the 789th ranked prospect in the country according to ESPN’s Chad Ford — announced he is turning pro.  He announced this ill-advised decision from his Facebook page.

Call me crazy, but after spending five minutes trying to decipher his Facebook posts, I’m thinking Tommy could probably use another year or two in school.  Or at least a Sylvan Learning Center.  That way he could learn about important things like words and periods and complete sentences.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe that less than one year ago OU was in the Elite 8 and considered one of the top teams in the country.  This program has fallen farther than the Sutton family.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I read in tomorrow’s Oklahoman that Tiny Gallon ate Jeff Capel and that Tony Crocker got another year of eligibility.  Those things would be terrible.


  1. “That way he could learn about important things like words and periods and complete sentences.”

    True dat!

  2. “Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you’ve been to college.” Kurt Vonnegut

  3. It’s great that he’s “enterin da draft”, but it would be even better if he had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting drafted. Especially if any NBA personnel people read any of this…

  4. I usually feel bad when college players get the wrong info and declare for the draft early when they aren’t even projected to be drafted. However, I don’t think I will be feeling that way about this guy or anyone else in that situation anymore. There are a lot of great resources on the internet about who has a chance to get drafted, and who doesn’t. These idiots should start doing a little research on their draft stock before they hire an agent and lose their eligibility for college. This guy was ranked as the 789th best prospect for this draft by Chad Ford! Even if Mr. Ford isn’t exactly the best source for insider basketball news, there are plenty of reputable sites like nbadraft. net or draftexpress. com that can give a good idea of what the draft might look like. All in all, there are always a few dummy knuckle heads like Mason-Griffin every year who don’t do their homework, and surround themselves with greedy dirtbags trying to capitalize off of their success.

  5. Just putting 2 and 2 together (which in mason-griffin’s case would equal 5) maybe “skool” wasn’t one of his strong suits. Struggling to stay eligible or entering the draft, either way, he probably wouldn’t be playing basketball in the states next year anyway.

  6. Dear Mr. Tommy Mason Griffin,

    I feel as if I spend an absurd amount of time proving that OU is, in fact, an academic institution, and not simply a commercial vehicle for future sports stars/used car salesmen. You, however, with two simple facebook updates, have ruined this. Not only have you proved that you can’t spell, but that you aren’t capable of simple exercises in logic. You have completely undermined any of my assertions for years to come.

    Well-played, Mr. Tommy Mason Griffin, well-played.


  7. Anyone ever noticed TMG looks sort of like Yellow Bastard from Sin City. You should check out side by side pics.

  8. Moses Nkondo taught a course in African American poetry when I was a student at OU. Phonetic and unconventional spelling and writing are typically purposeful and symbolic acts of rebellion to achieve independence from the conventional language of the dominant culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t well known by my brother and sister Okies. When I had the class, the only white student was me.

  9. Interesting Baja-I think you’re on to something…
    You will note that he can spell “official” and “negative”, but spells “you” “yue”. hhhhhmmmmmmm.

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