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Van Shea Iven’s mail was stolen…

Well, it’s another Thursday, which apparently means it’s time for us to write about Joleen Chaney being hot another KFOR mobile newsroom report.  This time it involves mail thieves and Oklahoma’s most masculine former sportsanchor, Van Shea Iven:

I’m not sure which is weirder.  Is it that thieves are now stealing Van Shea Iven’s mail, or is it that Van Shea Iven listens for the mailman every day?  That’s just creepy.

Seriously, what’s he having mailed to his house every day that necessitates the need to listen for the mail man?  I would bet it’s videos of muscular high school boys wrestling and tackling each other, but that’s just a hunch.  And as odd as it sounds to say this, I hope I’m right.

Anyway, I wonder what the thieves think about all this.  Do they feel cool that they stole Van Shea Iven’s birthday money, or are they scared that Van Shea Iven and Bob Barry Jr. are probably coming up with a plan to capture them?  I bet they are scared, because Van Shea and Bob Barry Jr. are a couple of masculine and intimidating guys.  I heard they use to be bouncers at the Lowe’s Garden Center.

Also, that Glynda Chu is no Jennifer Wardlow.  Hell, she’s not even a Paco Balderama.  And where did they shoot that video?  Amini’s Galleria?  If so, I had no clue that there was now an Edmond location.


  1. You may think that the size of that mailbox in the opening shot is a trick using perspective, but I’ve seen Joleen Chaney in person, and she can fit inside of a mailbox.

  2. is glenda chu’s hair real? a wig? burt reynolds’s toupee looks better than chu’s hair…………….

  3. So many things are wrong with this video, but forget the mailbox, whose brilliant idea is it to shoot Jolene from the knees up? That person should be fired.

  4. Why do you want to dis Van Shea? He’s a good guy and was an all state football player in high school. In fact I believe he led Pond Creek to a state championship.

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