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Dominant Duo Spoof

As Clark Matthews mentioned yesterday, we both got the itch this week to create some of those silly text-to-talk movies.  Clark’s was okay, but mine is much better.  That’s because I’m much more handsome than Clark Matthews.

Anyway, my video is a simple spoof of Jim Traber and Al Eschbach doing what they do everyday at 4:00pm.   Hope you like it.


  1. Holy shit. I almost spit out my drink when I heard the cheese cloth comment. Other than that, the rest of the stuff was average. It lacked:

    Jim breathing into the mic like Darth Vader
    You didn’t use the phrases Yard Bird or Big Fella
    You forgot to have Jim rip on Jeni Carlson

    Come on guys, I expect better. Maybe you can do a part II? Maybe include Mark Rodgers and his girlie jeans?

  2. Quality entertainment, Would love to see a hypothetical interview of Mike “The Man” Gundy with Jenni Carlson. Or perhaps Jim Traber and Berry Tramel

  3. It is a triumph! I was mesmerized. I wish those two small-market superheroes actually spoke in those voices, I think I would tune it more often.

  4. This is entirely unrealistic… the Sports Animal has NEVER had 6 minutes of talk before going to commercial break, talking about where they are at, or mentioning the restaurant which provided their food. Also, to be even moderately credible need to mention a Casino at least once!


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