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Mayor Cornett can “Kiss the Baby”

Well, I guess I now know why Casey Cornett offered me Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and a bowl of fresh strawberries for the free agent rights to Yancy Thigpen in the The Lost Ogle Fantasy Football League.   From the T.Ocho Show:

Sometimes, I think we should let this whole Lingerie Football League in Oklahoma City controversy die, but then things like this happen.  Call me clueless, but I’m not even sure what “Kiss the Baby” means.  Regardless, I’m not going to try to figure it out, because I’m sure Mayor Cornett would find a way to block it from ever happening in Oklahoma City. 

p.s. – So I had an amazing idea over the weekend.  It’s called the the Midget Football League (or M.F.L. for short).  Not to sound too arrogant, but it’s pretty much the best idea since the blow job.  I encourage a young enterprising wealthy business person to pursue it and make it so, and since it’s my idea, to give me an Oklahoma City franchise.  The franchise will be called the Oklahoma City Little Giants, and Keiton Page will be the quarterback.


  1. “The franchise will be called the Oklahoma City Little Giants, and Keiton Page will be the quarterback.”

    And surely you’ll have a spot for Van Shea Iven?

  2. Give Van Shea a break. I did two tours at KFOR and he was more than competent for his job and a gentleman; a trait sadly lacking generally in a business more concerned with success based on who takes the blame when something goes wrong rather than actual accomplishment.
    What happened to the elephant picture? Was it too close to the truth about a business in which the thinking, working ends of the horses(elephants) are outnumbered by the rear half? No wonder they get tusks.

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