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2011 list of 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (20 – 16)

We teased this last week, but it’s finally time to start our countdown of the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media.

Before we get to the countdown, let me say a few things:

1. We took many factors into consideration when determining this year’s rankings.  Factors including, but not limited to, hotness, cuteness, popularity, politeness, obtainability, unobtainability, relevance, hairstyle, real life hotness, Ogle Moleness, bra size and how bad Bob Barry Jr. and Dean Blevins want to show them the Eiffel Tower.

2. Because we can, we are going to drag this series out into four posts.

3. Please, actually pretty please, try to keep the comments classy.  I know that can be a struggle for some of you, but please try.

Anyway, number 20 is below, the rest are after the jump.

20.  Van Shea Iven

Just kidding.  Van Shea Iven  didn’t make the countdown.  That’s because we are counting down the “20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media”…not the “20 Hottest Men in the Oklahoma City Media Who Could Pass as an Elf or Lesbian.”  Plus, there’s an 80% chance that Bob Barry Jr. and Dean Blevins would totally not want to show Van Shea the Eiffel Tower.

The real number 20 is after the jump.

20. Amanda Guerra, Reporter, KOCO Channel 5

Give Amanda credit, it’s difficult to locate pictures of her on Facebook, so we are having to use the same picture that we used last year.  Therefore, she drops all the way down to number 20.  In all honesty, she should have fallen off the list completely, but look, a puppy!

19. Danielle Vollmar, Weekend Meteorologist, KOKH Channel 25

If someone showed me the picture above and asked me to point out the meteorologist, I’d pick the girl in blue bikini.  That’s because bikini models with visible roots and large breasts and belly button rings are cool and make fabulous meteorologists.

That being said, I would have been wrong.  Danielle Vollmar is the girl in black.  What a surprise.  In other news, the burritos at Los Tacos are large and the snow in my driveway has not completely melted.

18. Amanda Taylor, Evening Anchor, KWTV Channel 9

Here’s the deal.  Amanda Taylor is more “pretty” than she is “hot.”  That’s not a bad thing, but it’s just that she’s more like the girl who shops at Dillards with your aunt or hosts Pampered Chef parties than she is the type of girl you’d maybe see wearing a pink bikini at Lake Arcadia.  Because of that, she has to drop a little bit on the list.

p.s. – This low ranking has nothing to do with Amanda snubbing us and doing a story on the Pioneer Woman.  Nothing at all.

17. Bobbie Miller, Reporter/Anchor, KFOR Channel 4

There are Bobbie Miller fans, then there is Clark Matthews.  Check out this email he sent to me.


Will you please name Bobbie Miller the hottest women in the Oklahoma City News Media. She makes my heartbeat rise like the Thunder’s offensive efficiency and pace when James Harden plays the two and Westbrook and Durant start a pic and roll game with Green and Ibaka cutting to the basket or sitting off screens just in case the defense switches on the roll.


Clark Matthews

Unfortunately, Clark Matthews owes me money from a checkers bet we made a few months ago, therefore Bobbie Miller is 17.

16. Brittany Baldy, KAUT Fox 43, ?

In all honesty, we have no clue what Brittany Baldy does for Channel 43, because we, like most other people in the world, never watch Channel 43.  But if we did, I’m sure we’d see Brittany talk about traffic or birthdays or too-tough trivia.  That’s because Brittany is also the daughter of Jack Elliot from “Jack and Ron,” uhm, fame.  Finally there’s some work out there that Jack can be proud of.

Here’s the entire countdown:

20 – 16

15 – 11

10 -6

5 -1


Brittany Baldy


  1. Someone I saw the other day was the reporter who gives traffic reports. Lauren Craun? Nelson or something? Anyway, I normally hear her in the morning on the radio. But when I stayed home last week she was on TV. Yeah, the traffic update reporter.

  2. “Try to keep the comments classy?” Isn’t that like serving ice cream without a spoon and expecting no mess?

  3. Totally agree on Amanda Taylor. Being “pretty” is good for the long run though. See Jennifer Reynolds.

    That’s Brittany Elliot (Baldy)? I’ve seen her many times when I played tennis is high school. Um, is it not classy to mention possible above the neckline plastic surgery?

  4. ….but Amanda Taylor is SSSSSOOOOOOO annoying. Further lowering of hotness quotient. Shit….that was classless. My apologies.

  5. Robin Marsh had better be on the list or … or … I’m going to burn down the building … I’ve been here for a long time and I just think Robin Marsh … I’ll going to burn down the building … I want my stapler …

    • Are you kidding me? Robin Marsh looks like the green soldier on “The Wizard of Oz” that says “she’s dead you, you killed her.” Scroll to it in the movie and you will see what I mean.

  6. I kind of feel bad for Amanda Taylor, but yes, just very pretty. And Bobbie is only at 17? Darn! I’ll expect to see some good evidence over the next three days as to why she is so lowly rated.

  7. If any of these beautiful ladies want to up their street cred by being photographed in a bikini I would be happy to take those photos.

  8. Please tell me that Jenni Carlson has made it! If not, anyone know where I can find a pic of her in a bikini or just a swimsuit period?

  9. While true that you can’t please all of the people all of the time…you, sir, have displayed an arrogance, nay, ignorange, rivaled by few when you put Bobbi at 17. Rest assured, you will be hearing from my attorneys.

  10. Amanda was typical bitch queen when we had to dispatch a shooter for spot news which meant her faux consumer report might not get shot. What would you expect from the garbage pit that brought you Your Life Your Way with Amy McRee, a shallow nothing piece of fluff, but which consultants said engaged the otherwise counterproductive studio couch potatos known as anchors into meaningful applications. These property kings and queens have no understanding of the original reason why people watch teevee news. I am celebrating my separation from the criminal assault on viewers’ mind, if they were even remotely cognizant.

  11. After spending May and June being harassed by Amanda Taylor for something I didn’t do, I must disagree with your inclusion of her on this list.

    I don’t care what her face or her body looks like, she is ugly inside. And that ugliness with erupt on her face within a few years.

    9’s on the side of the person calling in the bogus complaint. I’d rather have a TV station on the side of the TRUTH.

  12. Did anyone see Danielle Vollmar friday morn jump into the cold pool? I have a dvr and you could see the top of her thong and butt crack

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